Once Upon a Time...Rebound 20 Day Streak

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

I'm still at it! Today is my 20th day for sticking to a rebound schedule (includes my scheduled rest day on Sundays, because rest is just as important as work.)
Monday , Feb 18. =50 minutes
Tuesday=50 minutes
Wednesday=50 minutes
Thursday= 50 minutes, plus walking throughout the house for 10 minutes straight (I have a large house with lots of doorways, so it was fun changing paths so I didn't get bored)
Friday=50 minutes
Saturday=10 minutes
Sunday the 24th= rested and enjoyed church and company

So those were DIDS, not Gonna Do's. Woohoo! That makes me happy.
The scale is inching down, too.
Love my Cellerciser!

I have a doctor appointment in about 15 days. I hope to SEE results by then so I can SHOW Mrs. Doc.

Oh! And Hubby is doing VERY well sticking to his new program, too! Yea us!

Well, I'd best go; I have 'The Littles' coming in the morning and I want to read before I get some good sleep.

~Susanski and The Suser
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