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Motivation Monday

Monday, February 11, 2019

I found this article on PopSugar and read it, and was feeling all inspired. This is after eating almost an entire box of chocolate this morning, mind you. I had my weigh in this morning and in 6 weeks I've only lost 2 pounds, despite the fact that I have done grueling workouts 3 days a week for 6 weeks now. It's the food holding me back. I know it. Anyway, the article:

Lexi Lost 50 Pounds in 8 Months Using This $20 Amazon Purchase
by: Jenny Sugar (November 21, 2018)

Some of the "tips" Lexi has are:

1. "Listen to your body."
2. "Do not cut out any food groups completely."
3. "No fad diets! Fads come and go, a healthy lifestyle change lasts forever."
4. "Willpower is the only thing you need to start your journey."
5. "There is no magic pill."
6. "Give yourself cheat meals."
7. "Do not fear the scale."
8. "Surround yourself with positive people."
9. "The cleaner, the leaner."
10. "Don't let setbacks discourage you."
11. "Make small goals and crush them."
12. "Don't expect immediate results. Slow and steady wins the race."
13. "The body can achieve anything as long as the mind convinces itself."
14. "Treat yo' self!"
15. "Water is your best friend."
16. "You must be in a calorie deficit to lose weight."
17. "Make your deficit gradual. Baby steps, baby steps."
18. "No two bodies are the same, so the journey will be different."
19. "Remember, a lion does not concern itself with the opinion of sheep."
20. "BE PROUD!"
Lexi Lowther, lost 50 lbs and 10 dress sizes.

So, as I've done before, I went back to the beginning on my own blogs. What did I do that was successful before? My first blog post ever on SparkPeople:

1. At least I got out and about, despite the cold.
2. Start making a diet plan, incld. breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, and dinner.
3. I have to start thinking positively.

4. I walked for the last couple of days for at least 15 minutes.


5. I walked with Heather at the park by her house, did 3 laps, which she said was a mile-and-a-half, I guess we walked about a half hour, more or less?


6. I am guessing probably around 25 minutes with all 3 "mini-walks".
7. I like the way I can enter my exercise and food, though and keep my "favorites" in a list.
8. I need to focus on writing down what I eat and also portioning everything b/c I know I eat more than a portion almost all the time.

I’m seeing a trend…lots of walking, with a few other goals mixed in, but mostly just walking at that point, and at the time (2007) I was trying to quit drinking. Thank God I’m not fighting that battle anymore. Now it's the food. Ugh. I know what to do yet I don't do it.

My verse for today is Romans 7:15 - "I don't really understand myself, for I want to do what is right, but I don't do it. Instead, I do what I hate."

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