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Sunday, February 10, 2019

Not a literal path to follow at the grocery store. Think about it. The bakery and frozen food (ice cream) are around the perimeter. What I do like is my grocery store has the produce first so I get to load up on fresh fruits and veggies, whatever I think I'm going to need for a few days. I rely on frozen and canned to get me through the week. I don't want to buy too much and watch it mold away and not get eaten. I'm guilty of creating bags of salad juice, you know what I mean. So when I buy fresh salad it's for Sunday and Monday. Starting off in the produce section with a plan and a list puts you in great position for a healthy cart at checkout.

Now after the produce is the bakery which is tempting now that you got your healthy stuff you think it's okay to indulge in something. See how they get you? Yeah, keep rolling that cart right on by. They'll bake during peak times too so shop on off hours so you don't have that fresh baking scent attacking you. At my store that brings me to the fish and meat departments when I can get what I need for dinner that week based on the sales. I always plan my meals around what is on sale that week.

Not all isles are horrible. Fruit, nuts, and popcorn are all great snacks. I live on Dole pineapple cups in 100% juice and I love those 100 calorie popcorn bags. Be very careful in the microwave with the little snack bags. They barely need 1 minute 30 seconds. Every box I buy has the 4 minute instructions, the bag would incinerate in your microwave. I also stock up on canned veggies like beets when they're on sale so I always have veggies on hand. This week I got 100 calorie almond snack packs to bring in my lunch. Yes I plan and pack a lunch the night before work every day. Saves a ton of calories and money every week.

I'm really good at sticking to my list and meal planning before I go and I think that's the key. It's easy to eat healthy when you shop healthy. Take the time to plan, grab that circular, see what's on sale and what recipes you can make and good luck.
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