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How do you stay motivated when life keeps throws tomatoes at you?

Friday, February 08, 2019

2018 was a year I was glad to kick to the curb and I was excited and optimistic about 2019. But the black cloud from 2018 is still hovering over me as of February 2019.

I feel like I am hemorrhaging financially with the need of a new garage roof, the furnace acting up, the car not working, a broken water pipe, and a water heater that is 11 years old and not looking too good. I have not even put much money out to fix any of these items yet but I am stressing as to where I am going to find the money to pay for all this stuff in 2019. And really isn’t money one of the biggest stress factors there is – or I should say the lack of money.

How do you stay motivated when life keeps throwing tomatoes at you?

I think the best thing we can do to say motivated is to have a plan. Not only for financial issues but weight loss issues too.

So what can I do? Stressing over financial issues and weight loss issues is nothing new to me. My boyfriend has not worked in over a year due to medical issues so all the financial burden has been on me and will continue to be on me for most of 2019.

I am going to stop letting those tomatoes hit me and start dodging out of the way.

I am going to take one day at a time, instead of stressing over what a new roof is going to cost me in a few months, I am going to concentrated on how to get through today. And I am going to do that by taking deep breaths, exercising regularly, eating correctly and taking time to relax and de-stress daily – through meditation, yoga and just good old fashioned “alone time”.

I will start putting money away from each pay check to help with the financial issues that will be coming up in the next few months. But I will not worry about how I am going to pay for them right now.

I will pray that God will guide me on the right path, put the right people in front of me, and will help me stick to my plan.

I will get through this. I will survive. I will not give up! I will end up being able to pay for everything that needs to be fixed, I will lose weight, and I will get stronger in the process.

I’m going to start picking up those tomatoes and start making spaghetti sauce – who’s with me?

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Great attitude! I know this is going in a different direction, but your blog sparked these thoughts in me...

    I am looking into my health in terms of my thyroid and Hashimoto's. One way to work with these issues and autoimmune diseases and inflammation is to avoid certain foods. Well, some foods that bother others do not bother me and visa versa. For example, one list suggest avoiding nightshades (tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, and potatoes). What?! These are some of my best vegetables, except for the white potatoes. I would eat tomatoes all day long. Until I find otherwise, I am going to take my tomatoes and enjoy them as a vegetable or a fruit. I am going to enjoy them in salads and roasted with other vegetables. I am going to eat them and remember how well I felt eating them fresh from the vine as a child. I will try all the varieties and colors and shapes and sizes of tomatoes. As far as the term nightshade...I will think of that shade as a place of comfort under a tree on a walk in the park or under an umbrella when at the ocean. Tomatoes...maybe I shouldn't have them??? I am not convinced of that yet. For now those tomatoes will remind me of what I shouldn't have but do and what I survive and from what I get joy. They will remind me of the stress I shouldn't have but will have and how I will get through it with my faith in God and how I will find joy in that strength and sense of accomplishment. emoticon

    ~LadyPJay, Pink Flamingo Leader
    794 days ago
    I will remember you in my prayers .You have a great plan
    798 days ago
    I love your determination!
    798 days ago
    Ahhh anxiety produces more anxiety when we don't throw it on God and,,,, not take it back(the anxiety). I'm having to say this A LOT since Thurs. Buying a car is very stressing to me. Not the process,, but the ownership. Not the money part,but yeah the ownership. Weird huh?

    So I just keep throwing back to Jehovah (PS 83:18) it helps.

    Step by step. Moment by moment. Trust.
    798 days ago
  • KATIE5668
    sounds like you got your mind in the right groove..and yep..we all have to learn to duck those tomatoes seem to just come flying at us at the worst times!
    I love that..."make a Caprese salad with the tomatoes"...great advice...

    Hang in are a strong woman..Believe and recieve!!
    798 days ago
    When Life gives you Lemons, make Lemonade.
    798 days ago
    Through God, all things are possible.
    798 days ago
    Good luck! You got this!
    798 days ago
  • no profile photo LADYOFBKLYN
    You can only live one day at a time always with God's help. I got you back .... will keep in in my prayers. You will make it..
    798 days ago
    I enjoyed reading this blog just because of how you are on the right track
    799 days ago
  • JOANN25
    I'm with you. I have also been having big financial issues. Earlier in the year, a tree came through my bedroom. I was really stressing as this had to be an immediate fix. Trust in God. As soon as my church heard about it, they were making plans to take care of this for me. I now have a beautiful new bedroom. Last month, my son told me (my husband is deceased) that I needed new tires for my car. I let it go until one day the low air light came on. I went to the tire store and had them put the "cheapest" set I could buy and paid them as this particular week was payday week. I had to shift things, but I paid for the tires and feel much more relaxed when I am in the car knowing that I have good tires. Didn't mean to ramble but we all need to put our faith in God and let Him do the worrying. He will help us.

    Good luck with your plan. It's good and will take care of the things that need to be done.

    799 days ago
  • no profile photo CD11411338
    Good attitude. If possible maybe your boyfriend could do a customer service job. It could help. With your attitude of just getting thru today will help. If needed pick up a side job. It will help a bunch. You can do it!!!!!!
    799 days ago
    You’re on the right track. Make a Caprese salad with those tomatoes!
    799 days ago
  • DOODIE59
    You have the right idea. Do all you can, and deal with the problems once they arrive ... with luck, a few of your problems will hold off until next year ... or at least align themselves with your budget:).
    Good luck!
    799 days ago
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