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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

What a day! How lucky to have to limit the good things to just three! Let's see, well...

1. Got some excellent and very exciting news today regarding possible summer reading program options! I know it's vague, but I'm feeling extremely optimistic about what is easily our largest program of the year!

2. Looking around the library today, I saw all kinds of people: old, young, families with children, grandparents with grandkids, and singles, all scattered around the library reading or playing games or putting together puzzles or just chatting, and it warmed my heart.

3. We finally feel comfortable taking the safety cone off of our newest household addition: a cranky old chihuahua who wouldn't stop picking fights with the big puppy in his old home, and ended up having stitches and surgery as a result. He's adjusting fairly well, as he knew us already (he lived with family) and had visited our place before, but dealing with him through the healing process has been.... trying. He figured out pretty early on that his cone is an excellent tool for waking me up at 5:00 AM when he bonks it off my skull a few dozen times because he's used to an early-to-bed, early-to-rise household (which we are NOT). He also likes to run into my shins while wearing the cone. ("If I'm miserable, you better be, too!") He was obsessively licking at his wounds though, and we were not comfortable removing the cone, until today! Hopefully for all our sakes he continues to heal!
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