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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

I have been sitting on three blogs in my head for kind of awhile. I finally decided yesterday to sit down and start pounding them out, if for no other reason than to get them out of my head, into the universe, and then I can spend another six months collecting blogs in my mind before spitting them out in quick succession.

I quit smoking over six years ago. I used a website for that, too, to get support through the process. I'm not on it as much anymore, but I visit it maybe once a week to look at updates and say hi. I have met several of my friends from the site IRL, and I still am in touch with several of them frequently off the site.

It's a great site, and if you are interested in quitting smoking, then you should check it out. It's . You might remember their commercials from the late 2000s. If you don't, here are a couple. They are HILARIOUS.

When you're quitting smoking, you have to ride the waves of cravings. You'll want a cigarette. You'll want one more than you've ever wanted anything. You'll be crawling up the walls, whining, pacing, but you CANNOT GIVE IN, because if you do, you're starting at square one again. For real!

Here's the thing with the craves: The craving will go away, WHETHER YOU GIVE INTO IT OR NOT. If you're feeling like you absolutely must have a cigarette, and you smoke, the craving leaves. BUT, if you're feeling like you absolutely must have a cigarette, and you DON'T, the craving STILL leaves.

Even though this is the case, we still get so many people who wind up smoking that cigarette they've been craving, anyway. A statistic we throw around on the site a lot is that only 6% of quits last a year, so when a member reaches the one-year mark, we celebrate them joining the "6% Club"! The road to the 6% Club is long and winding, but we support each other along the way by reminding the newbies that SINAO ("Smoking Is Not An Option"), NOPE! (Not One Puff Ever!) and to distract themselves from the craving by doing ANYTHING else.

But this is a website for losing weight, not quitting smoking! Surely, you can see, though, how similar these cigarette cravings are to our food cravings, right? I hope so. I quit smoking six years ago, been on SparkPeople for over eleven years, and I JUST made the connection in the last few weeks. I wish I'd had somebody like me to spell it out for me. emoticon You're welcome!

If you get a craving for an ice cream sundae, it WILL go away, whether you hightail it to Braum's or not, so you can tell yourself that that Sundae Is Not An Option (right now, at least).

If you get a craving for pizza, it WILL go away, whether you eat pizza or not, so you can tell yourself "Not One Piece Ever" (or right now, at least).

If you can't stop thinking about that candy in the cupboard, you can distract yourself by doing ANYTHING else. I like to write letters, take a shower, and just go to bed, because I always can use more sleep. If you don't like those ideas for distractions, here are 94 more: www.sparkpeople.

Those are actually for quitting smoking, but regardless of the craving you're having, it WILL go away, whether you succumb to it or not.
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