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IF (Intermittent Fasting) & Maintenance

Sunday, January 27, 2019

A fellow Sparkie asked me a few questions about IF that I answered at length in a SparkMail so I thought I'd share it as a blog:

(Intermittent Fasting) is a tricky thing and not a guaranteed panacea for all. Even for myself I have to admit that many is the week that I end up right back where I started at the beginning of the week, weight-wise.

First I'll outline what I do:

I fast from Sunday night when I have my last meal, until Tues noon when break my fast. Water and black coffee is all I allow myself...and LOTS OF IT!

During the work week I IF from my last meal / snack around 8 pm until noon the next day.

Saturdays & Sundays are pretty loose, but often my mornings are pretty light in the food department just out of habit.

Despite not losing weight, I find this all helps me to maintain and not gain, even though by every Sunday evening I've picked up the same 5-7 pounds I lost during the week.

The other thing is that I continually read about all sorts of unseen benefits to fasting such as burning up all the nasties such as free radicals, other by-products of inflammation, etc. that can clog up our bodies...sort of like taking out the trash the builds up from any source of inflammation in our bodies.

Additionally, fasting psychologically bolsters for me the wonderful mantra that WATERMELLEN put out there way back when:


When one fasts routinely and becomes accustomed to hunger twinges...whether actual stomach grumbles, mouth hunger or eye "candy" is tugging at us, it's all so much easier to tolerate and reference to our fasting STRENGTHS!

Workouts can be tricky when fasting. I usually "feel" it during the middle of my weekly 36 hour fast at Monday night spinning class. More fatigued and wiped out, but I cut myself slack as I know I can't expect to be an Energizer bunny while fasting. After class I know that bedtime awaits and lunch is just a busy morning away when I wake up the following day.

My typical meal at lunch when breaking my fast is a huge bowl of baby spinach with a wide variety of colorful veggies (red bell peppers, mushrooms, cucumbers, carrots, broccoli, celery, sometimes Dakon radishes and beets from our CSA all slivered up) & blueberries topped off with 3 hard boiled eggs sliced up into the salad with oil & vinegar dressing. I usually snack on this throughout my afternoons. My late afternoon snack is usually a cup of yogurt and an apple or two.

This has all "worked" for me. But as I often say: we are all an experiment of ONE, your mileage may vary. Tweak it, play with it, see what it is that agrees with your body and your psychology. I find the simplicity of skipping breakfast is VERY agreeable to me as I've built a Marie Kondo psychology years before her time...lol!


PS, here are some "Blue Zones" links regarding IF:

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