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My Metamorphosis

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Even as a child I was fascinated with butterflies. We had a pear tree that attracted droves of butterflies with it`s sweet nectar. Many lazy summer afternoons were spent watching all the beautiful designs & colors on them, hoping one would land on my shoulder & "give me good luck".
In the fifth grade during science class my fascination quickly became admiration as I learned the stages of life of the butterfly:
Stage 1 is the egg,
Stage 2 is the caterpillar,
Stage 3 is the pupa or "The Transition Stage"---the stage in which it is suspended under a branch, hidden in leaves or buried underground in a cocoon. This stage can last from a few weeks, a month or even longer. Some species have a pupal stage that lasts for two years. Major changes are taking place. At the end of this stage it has a great struggle to break free from the cocoon & fulfill it`s destiny.
Stage 4 butterfly.

I look at my weightloss journey as my "metamorphosis". Some stages were for learning, some for growing. Some stages I felt hidden & alone. Some stages even a struggle. Each step necessary for me to break free from my cocoon of insecurities & the layers of pounds.
Slowly I`m transforming into the beautiful, free butterfly I was meant to be... emoticon

~The Metamorphosis~
In a world filled with sweet scents and blue sky,
lives the gentle, uplifting butterfly,
whose metamorphosis has this truth to teach:
Our aspirations are within our reach.
For this fluttering flyer of soaring worth
was at one time a creature that crawled the earth.

When she climbed a plant and learned of the sky,
She looked down at the earth and wondered why
her destiny was to live on the land.
Something inside her did not understand.
'The sky is my home', every part of her felt
‘How could crawling be the lot I’ve been dealt?’

Keeping those thoughts safe, where they could be found,
She slowly descended back to the ground.
When she found the right plant on which to rest,
She brilliantly wove a cocoon for her nest.
Inside the chrysalis, she went to sleep
tucked in with those thoughts that she wanted to keep...

...One sunny day, the cocoon came unsealed.
Magically, a butterfly was revealed.
Seeing this miracle with my own eyes;
of caterpillars becoming butterflies,
brings real hope of the possibility
of the total transformation of me!

Like the caterpillar that crawls the Earth,
We are destined for a divine rebirth.
~Author Unknown~

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