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Wow... What drama!!!

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Okay, so I've been on SSDI since 2011. I haven't had any job, including part-time, since then. I have been trying to deal with work and I don't know what's going on. I know the company is good, but some of the people there are making me feel like crap.

I went to an interview for a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) course in October. I asked the person if I could work part-time when I was hired. They say yes, but it would take me twice as long to fulfill my hours as per the contract I was signing. I said okay, and signed it. I do the course, graduate, and pass all the licensing exams.

I go in to Day 1 of Orientation on December 31st (which was a mess, since it was New Year's Eve and people were on vacation). I was supposed to go in on December 17th, but I got sick and had to go to the hospital (I'm much better now, it was a medication issue, lots of pain and stuff). I get out, and start work. It's a mess. I assume about 9 pm on that day that I don't have to go into work the next day (they told me they'd call me, they never did). Jan 1st comes, I call and they say I don't have to come in the next day. Jan 2nd (Wednesday), I find out about 4:45 pm I don't have to go into work the next day. Finally, on Friday, about 3 pm, I'm told that I come in on 1 pm on Monday to finish up the first half of Orientation that I didn't finish on the 31st since people weren't there. (This is all totally uncharateristic of the company, which is normally on the ball with everything)

I go in on Monday, everything's fine. I go in on Tuesday for Day 2, and I call them for my schedule to get it worked out so I know what's going to happen for me for the rest of my time there. I call Person A, the scheduler, and they're upset when I tell them I want to work part-time. They said that they (Company X) wouldn't have paid for my school if I was only going to work 2 days a week. I told them in the interview they said I could work part-time. I said that I didn't want to lose my benefits (Medi-Cal and SSDI) and they ask if I told them that in the interview. I said I didn't remember, since it was a while ago, just that I wanted to work part time and they said it was okay. They said they have to go, and hang up on me. I call back 2 times to try and talk to them, and they don't pick up.

Wednesday it's time to get my schedule. I talk to Person B, the trainer (a VP) about the confusion. B is confused, too, so they call Person A. Person A picks up the phone and says "Hello" in a normal voice. B says it's about (Rissa's name) and A says "OK" in a nasty voice. B then says their name, and suddenly A changes their tone, since it's a VP. Person A then says I never told anyone I was part time (which isn't true), and there's this whole confusion. Person B calls Person C, the H.R. Manager, who says yes, I said I was part-time but they thought I was full time even though they knew I was part-time (if that confused you, yes, it confused everyone who heard it). B asks C why I was in training, then, if there was any confusion and they don't know. So I don't know what's going on at this point. Nobody knows what's going on at this point, not even the V.P. (Person B). They need to know my schedule so they can put me on the calendar for training. B tells them to call B back to let them know my schedule so they can put me on the calendar. I'm in training, so I have my phone off. Person A calls me instead while I'm in training, but I don't see it till after I leave.

I don't have to work Thursday, and I'm just randomly stuck on the calendar. I don't call back, since B told me they will try and work it out with another place, maybe. Company X has 4 locations, so maybe I can move from Location 1 to Location 2. I'm hoping I can move from Location 1, where Person A and C are, to Location 2. Location 2 is closer to my house, so that's what I'm hoping for. I go in today (Friday), and talk to Person B. B says that they still don't know what's going on with me, so to call Person A (Person C is on vacation).

I call A, and they say again that I have to work 30 hours a week or else I have to pay back the money for my school. They ask me why I can't work 30 hours a week, and I tell them that I haven't worked in a while and that I don't know if I can handle 4 days a week. hey then say I have to work overnights (which I think I can do), the 11 pm to 7:30 am shift, since that's when they need the most help. I'm just happy that it's not the 7-3:30 shift, so I agree to try it. I don't know if I can, but at least it's not the morning shift. I don't know how I'm going to shift to it, but I can try.

A said they talked to Person D, who interviewed me, and D said they never told me I could work part time (not true). But I had to sign a disclosure in my paperwork anyways saying that anything said in the interview and not on paper isn't legally binding, so that won't help me anyways. But I'm frustrated, since Person D did say I could work part time, or else I wouldn't have done this whole thing in the first place!

I drive over to pick up a check, and stop by to talk to an old mentor from the Ticket to Work Program who helped me get the job. He said that he didn't like what they are doing to me, and that he's going to try and get me moved to Location 2, since the people at Location 1 are a bit weird. He's going to talk to the director of my old school, and see if I can either get moved to Location 2, or get Company X reimbursed for my school so I don't have to pay them back and get me another job.

I swear.... All I wanted was to work part-time, like I was promised in my interview. There's all this drama, I'm this huge troublemaker... all because I just wanted to work part time.
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  • KHALL911
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    7 days ago
    My heart goes out to you! Hang in there!
    65 days ago
  • DRDIVA28
    My deep hope is that this will become an interesting story to tell in the future. Right now it sounds tough and unpleasant, not the reintroduction to work you would wish for. Hang in there Rissa. I hope your friend can work things out and that this blows over. You already worked hard for this opportunity. You will overcome the obstacles a few people are putting in your way. Clover love emoticon emoticon
    65 days ago
    Hang in there. I hope all works out for you soon. emoticon emoticon
    65 days ago
    That's a sign for me to go somewhere else to work. If, they doing now. Lord knows how they going to treat you after orientation. I hope that better comes your way.
    65 days ago
    Please excuse my typos. Lying in bed on a very old outdated tablet that will not let me type all I want..therefore ..Three comments here! lol
    65 days ago
    Part 2...will pass! Hold on to what u want.School was hard..but you passedmand deserve happiness in!ur job!! Maybe u will get the transfer and get away from these people and it will be solved! :)
    65 days ago
    Oh. No hon, please keep sticking to what theagreement was. Like you told them up front. Part time. I it is the night shift then perhaps fewer nights per week. Stick to what you want! Perhaps u will get to transfer to the other facility and all this
    65 days ago
    Keep going👏
    65 days ago
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