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"F" is for Family (Jan. 11th)

Friday, January 11, 2019

I did spend time thinking about "life priorities" today and #1 on the list is prayer & Bible study time. Next is family. That's as far as I got today and actually that's all I had time for as things escalated again between Maegann and Michael which kept me up with her until about 2 a.m. and the boys didn't get a sound sleep either. This morning I let her sleep in and I took a 90 minute nap so I am working on a combined 5.75 hours tonight. After a trip to the credit union so she could put money in her savings account we came home and I asked her to join me in the living room (she was still so depressed) she countered with "Why don't you come hang out in my room." So I did. We packed Ellsworth pillow into her room so he could sleep nearby.

Of course he really wanted to be on the bed with everyone else.

As Maegann was still being very quiet and resting I got my Bible study out and worked on the lesson. This photo breaks my heart and yet causes me joy.

Sad because she was so broken and depressed. Joyful because she was reaching out to me for help if the only help needed was my just being there. At some point she began receiving texts from Michael and I helped her try to figure out where he was coming from and/or what she should say. Offered us a good opportunity to talk about trust, taking ownership of your own insecurities, what is acceptable in a relationship, etc. Wasn't long and she was loading "Friends" onto her laptop and we shared the silliness of their relationships. About 3:30 she said, "Mom, we still haven't gone to our movie." We couldn't go on New Year's Day this year due to her work schedule. As Isaac would be gone all evening (game day) and Tim wouldn't be home until about 5:30, we headed to the theater and saw "Second Act" with Jennifer Lopez. Language was flowing from one character at times, but it changed around as they used it as a lesson for this particular character's young son and then it pretty much stopped. It was interesting though that one of the morals of the story was about always being honest and not building your life or relationships on less than the truth.

All of this gave me a couple of hours home alone this evening. I've just spent the time on email and watching "Nailed It".

Tomorrow we should be able to sleep in as the only things on the schedule are basketball practice at 11 and family game night.

Once we got home Maegann was so much happier and decided to steal her dad away for a trip to the Boise mall as she and Michael had been trying to find slippers for him since before Christmas and they are all sized so funny that none had fit. M&M had found some yesterday that were 60% off and decided he just needed to go along to try them on at the store and return the latest pair. She also wanted to buy a Pikachu build-a-bear for Michael as an "I'm sorry" gift as he enjoys Pokemon. He is coming over after work and Maegann and Tim are hoping to beat him to the house, but it will be close.
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