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Can Old Habits Be Broken?

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Friday, January 11, 2019

..::If you have ever started out with the 'best of intentions' only to find days later you are back to square one, then you are not alone. How can
we change that cycle? Or can we? .. I do know one thing and that it is up to me.

Let me illustrate:

This clock used to be in the kitchen, but I moved it to the living room.
At a glance, I can look up from where I normally sit and see the time.
And yet, I had to laugh at myself as out of habit, I found myself looking
up at the big clock above the fireplace! ..In the wee hours or late at night, it
is dark and hard to see.

So I asked my husband a hypothetical question this morning.

ME: "If you were to move your keys and wallet to another room-where
would you look for them tomorrow morning when you go to work?"

HIM: "I would look in the same place I always kept them until it clicks"

My husband pin-pointed the answer.
"Until it CLICKS!"

The point is simply: Until we REPROGRAM our thinking we will
repeat old habits. Because we are programmed to do things automatically
without consciously thinking about repeated behavior.

Good News:
We can make NEW habits.
And we can Break OLD habits.
HOW? … Through conscious THINKING or dwelling on the new habit-which causes us to
change former behavior.

If you are one who lives with others, do you remind everyone to please rinse their dishes and place them in the dishwasher so the kitchen stays clean? ….
Or have you found yourself getting frustrated when you walk in and find the kitchen messed up again? …sometimes we wonder: Is anyone listening?

Don't laugh--I have actually worked with people who posted these everywhere! LOL
Rather than overwhelming ourselves with a million notes and multiple 'changes all at once', why not be sensible and focus on one or two and add more later when those become automatic?

Of course visuals help remind us until habit becomes automatic. So does thinking about your new plan and making preparation. I know for a fact, I have broken many OLD habits and replaced them with NEW habits to live with, not to die from. Some took time while other habits I stopped on a dime! .. (feel free to share your thoughts).

Thanks for stopping by today and remember: Anything worthwhile is possible if we just 'keep at it.'
I am willing to bet we can change anything we set our minds to! …
P.S. Some 'studies' say it takes 21 days to change a habit for good, while others say it takes 28 days." ... I do believe the more we focus and sincerely commit to change, we have the ability to shorten the studies. After all, if I'm not mistaken, we the people are the ones who gave them the information.
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