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I Resolve . . .

Sunday, January 06, 2019

Yesterday I shared my curious journey to find my "Word for the Year." This was a task to do in January for my online course called "The Happiness Experience Project." As easy as it sounds, it was quite a project for me. I think that often I "over think" tasks. I've realized in the last few years that I seem to have trouble making quick decisions . . . believing that I must make the RIGHT decision or what? I will explode? My home will collapse? Our democracy in the USA will fail?

This decisional angst was discovered in flagrante by my daughter while I was making my word for the year. I shared the difficulty I was experiencing. She, who is more practical than I have ever been, said, "Well Mom, why don't you pick a word and if you live with it and it is not working, just pick another word." I was stunned with the simplicity of that! I thought to myself, "Hosanna!" I've preached before on Palm Sunday (Christian holiday one week before Easter). One of the tidbits I like to share with a congregations is the meaning of Hosanna. Often people assume it is a swap for the word Hallelujah, which indicates great praise. Hosanna on the other hands means "Save me!" or "Help!" So I was inadvertently pleading loud Hosannas to my daughter who threw me a rope. Shortly after that AHA moment, I mused over those resolutions and my word found me: RISE.

That is so fitting for me and felt so right! Decision #1 done for 2019. Now if I could just apply that to all the works of art that I have stashed all over the house, under the bed and in closets, perched behind dressers where no one knows! Framed pictures, vases, sculpture in stone and metal, and on and on. Decision after decision of where to hang or place? I can do this!

This is the perfect segue to my blog title "I Resolve . . ." In the past I have almost always made New Years Resolutions. My number one resolve was always-always "Lose Weight."
That has been my #1 for at least 50 years. And I'm still fluffy! Resolve is a stronge word. Resolving hasn't worked for me over the past 50 years. So I'm changing my "resolutions" to the word "goals." That sounds less judgmental to me, even though there is great similarity in the definitions of those words. I am remembering waaaaay back when I was in college getting my BA in Business, and a class discussion centered on goals. This exact information is somewhere here on SparkPeople as I have stumbled on it now and again. The measurement of setting a good goal uses the acronym SMART . . . Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Timely.

Being the deliberator that I confess I am, I have used these criteria against my goals and found them worthy! They all play into my word RISE. Below is my list of resolutions/goals for 2019. I will spend the next six blogs sharing each one. This is a risk that I have never taken before, i.e. sharing my goals, but this is such a community of trust that I feel sharing here will help me RISE!

1. Be Happy
2. Eat Mindfully
3. Simplify My Life
4. Continue My Inward Journey
5. Be Curious
6. Be Available

My next blog will be "Be Happy." Thanks for sharing my journey, dear friends.
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