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What Will 2019 Bring To Me Or More Importantly What Will I Bring to 2019?

Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Well it's officially a New Year. All the champagne bottles have popped, the fireworks displays are over, the confetti has been swept up and inevitably there are at least 50% of persons (according to the statistics) with a long list of resolutions. It's natural to bask in the novelty that a New Year brings and that novelty can provide worthwhile momentum if used correctly. Sadly though many of us fall into the trap of thinking that there is some "magic" in the New Year. Miraculously we're going to be able to "lose weight," "drink less," "exercise more," "eat less" and any number of other vague descriptions of the "us that we're going to be in 2019."

Instead of falling into that trap however I am setting the GOAL of losing at least 30 lbs by June 1, 2019 (my 28th birthday). My plan to achieve this will be to

1. Eat no more than 2000 calories daily except for a minimum of 1 "treat" day a week when I will allow myself to eat no more than 3000 calories

2. Fast at least 16 hours daily (Intermittent fasting)

3. Exercise at least 10 minutes daily (With a real goal of at least 60 minutes 6 days of the week but the 10 minutes daily is just to get me started on those days when "I don't feel like it)

4. Get at least 70000 steps weekly

This isn't a new goal nor or these new action steps but despite my many "failures" over these years to push past this darned plateau I keep pressing because

I'm not going into this New Year expecting some magical fairy dust that got sprinkled last night to get me to my goal but rather I'm bringing into this year a plan and the commitment, dedication, hard work and consistency that it will take to achieve it.

It's not what 2019 will bring to me but what I'm bringing to it!

What are you bringing to the New Year?

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