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Fitness Change Up

Tuesday, January 01, 2019

See if this sounds familiar. I have never been big on exercise. Even when I was a child my preference was to read a good book. Don't get me wrong, I grew up when kids played outside. I rode bike, played kick ball, and just generally ran around! But then I would end up you guessed it reading a book.
Over the years depression and other elements led me to gain a lot of weight. Throw in the fact that exercise was never a priority I ended up with a huge problem. Pun intended.
In January of 2015 I had a huge emotional break through and lost a large chunk of weight. It really came off effortlessly. I changed my eating habits drastically. Mainly I cut out processed foods. During that year the only exercise I did was yoga. I had decided that I would only commit to doing something I would really keep doing. Also that I would only commit to a fitness plan that I could continue to do as I aged.
From 2015 to 2016 I dumped all of the excess weight and the baggage that went with it. I maintained that weight loss until 2018. During 2018 I was deviating some from my good eating habits. I was still committed to yoga. So a few pounds crept back on. June of 2018 I decided to get serious and take off those few pounds. To my surprise it didn't just fall off like it did before. Eating was back on track fitness where it had been.
A real head scratcher. I simply couldn't imagine what the problem was. I started to add some other elements of fitness to my routine. I bought the Fit, Firm, and Fired up DVD from Sparkpeople. It is basically ten minutes of a mix of strength and cardio for seven days and then you can mix it up and add on. To my surprise just like Chris the Sparkguy says I found myself doing it for a longer time than the ten minutes. I then purchased 28 Day Bootcamp a Sparkpeople DVD. You can do a calendar program with that one. The longest workout on that one is 60 minutes, frankly I haven't done that one yet. However I have gotten it up to a forty minute one.
Here is my theory. I turned 59 in November. I think as we age our fitness and eating requirements change. That is not a big news flash. Since I didn't want to cut back any more on my food I had to add more exercise. It is amazing what the pay off has been. I can SEE changes in the shape of my body. I am most definitely stronger. I find myself craving some cardio and strength.
I highly recommend rethinking these things for everyone. I am not advocating crazy weight lifting and hours of cardio. Just adding some more challenging elements that work for you. The interesting thing is also not a huge investment in a gym membership, or a ton of equipment, or any other crazy money outlay. A few hand weights, a couple of dvd's, and a room with an area just big enough to accommodate is all that is required. Oh yes and the determination to get started on it.
I promise if you start small and with something somewhat appealing it will happen for you. Even for someone that has an aversion to fitness.
So make it happen Sparkies!
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