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Sunday, December 30, 2018

Wow, almost 2019! Obviously haven't been too consistent on this website, as this is only my 4th blog this year!

2018 has been quite the year! My best decision this year was to start on a program called "Fit Weight" that a local OB/GYN created. I've gone from 228 to 197 in 8 months. I would like to have had a bigger weight loss, but as someone who hadn't lost much weight at all in years, 31 is a good start! I haven't done too bad over the holidays, either! Wearing smaller sizes is nice!

As for what's ahead in 2019...

1. My main goal is to get my BMI under 30. It has gone from 37 to 32 since April, but I need to lose another 15 pounds or so to get out of the "obese" range. I need to start eating better. I live close to many fast food places that are SO much easier to access than actually cooking! Although, I did make a Taco Soup recipe in my Instant Pot for Christmas Eve that was rather tasty, so I know I CAN cook when I want to!

2. I have been working with a trainer at my gym for a few months. The nice thing about the gym I go to is that the Personal Trainer cost is included! And the gym itself doesn't cost an arm and a leg! Oh sure, it doesn't have group classes, but I can do my own videos at home. The key is consistency! I have not been consistent at all! I am going to start keeping a tracker/calendar for my workouts. It will also help me know what to report to my Dr. about my weight. Now that I'll be switching to every other month instead of every month, I'll have to REALLY make sure I don't gain in that time away!

3. My ultimate goal is to run a Half Marathon in October. I used to do several 5Ks a year when I lived in Kansas City, but have gotten away from that since I moved home. I did do the Royals Charities 5K in August, 3 weeks after having Gallbladder surgery! I met my goal of under an hour, but I want to better my time this year by at least 5 minutes! The issue is that there are a lot more hilly places in Kansas City than there are here in Central Kansas. I'd better have a lot more stamina if I am going to cut my time! My first 5K this year will be in February. There is a really fun one here in Hutchinson where runners/walkers have to use helmets with headlamps on them since the race is underground. I've heard it's great! Then I know of two others in June and July. And I want to do the one in Kansas City in August. Depending on if I have the time and $ to do it, I'd really like to get back to KC in April to do the Trolley Run, but I'll just have to see about that one!

So, those are my "Big 3" for this year. My key word is "CONSISTENCY"! I'm all gung ho for about 2 weeks on things and then I can't ever get over that hump to where something is a habit.

Best wishes to all for a Fabulous 2019!!

emoticon God Bless America!!

emoticon F.R.O.G. (Fully Rely on GOD!!!)
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