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Fifty Ways to be More Healthy

Sunday, December 09, 2018

Fifty Ways to Be More Healthy
I originally posted a version of this on Sunday, July 31, 2011 - buffed It Up a bit today
(apologies to Paul Simon’s Fifty Ways to leave Your Lover, 1975)

The problem is not just in your head
She said to me
Weight loss isn’t easy even
Taken logically
Spark People can help you in your journey
To be free
There must be fifty ways
To be more healthy

She said it's habits that will help you
Start to win
The journey with small Spark streaks
Will help you to begin
But I'll repeat myself
Until you really see
There must be fifty ways
To be more healthy
Fifity ways to get more healthy

You just get up and walk, Doc
Go to the gym, Tim
Step onto the scale, Gail
And start the journey
Hop off the bus, Gus
You don't need to discuss much
Just pick up the weights, Kate
And start your journey

She said I know you really don't
Know what you should do
Try reading The Spark book
and go online to try it, too
It's called SparkPeople and
They'll help you understand
About the plan

She said why don't we both get up off of the couch
And go work out tonight
And I believe in the morning
You'll begin to feel all right
And as she stretched up
I realized she probably was right
There must be fifty ways
To be more healthy
Fifty ways to be more healthy

Just go for a run, son
Walk thru the mall, Paul
Start a new streak, Deke
And start your journey
Put down the cake, Jake
You don't need to eat junk, punk!
Don't be lazy, Ms. Daisy
Just start your journey

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