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Saturday, December 08, 2018

Here is a preview of my weekly email going out tonight! Note that many of you have probably heard about the new SparkCoach/are using it. But, I'm doing more to get the word out since I was out from my surgery when we launched this :). And we'll work to get more people to try it out as the new year starts.

Hello Everyone

Did you have a good week? December is flying by already! How does this happen?!

This week's email is about how to build "lasting motivation" instead of just "momentary motivation."

I love being motivated by many things in life: motivational quotes, motivational movies, motivational songs, motivational people, and more.

But how many times have you been motivated by something and then the next day nothing changes? You just continue along doing what you did before being motivated. Frustrating.

This used to happen to me all the time -- until I figured out how to turn these momentary motivators into lasting motivators. The key to do this is to include motivation in a larger plan for your life. Three keys for this include:

1) Your core values and big goals in life

Once you have these set, then you know the "what you want to be motivated to do" and "why this matters to you." This means motivation won't go in one ear and out the other :). Instead you'll know how to use the incredible power of motivation and turn that into action and results that will transform your life.

2) Daily planning

Think of daily planning as a framework for your life. It lets you connect your core values and big goals to the actions you'll actually take each day. Importantly, good daily planning will help you develop healthy habits. Motivation will then suparcharge your healthy habits.

3) Reaching small goals one at a time

When you BELIEVE that reaching small goals one at a time leads to incredible breakthroughs in life, then you know you can use quick motivators to take one more step towards that next big breakthrough.

The best part of my message today is that we are beta-testing a new FREE program that integrates a daily planner with a virtual coach that helps you do all of this and more! We have used this name in the past for another feature, but we like the name "SparkCoach" so much for this that we are now using that name for this program.

In addition to a robust daily planner, SparkCoach offers a 28-day program that truly could change your life (also free).

We had some resources to do this beta-test on our desktop site first to then learn what people think to incorporate those results in our app early next year when our app developers have time to work on this.

If you are currently a SparkPeople member and would like to try this out, just login to the site ( and then:
1) On the top left of the Start page, click the "Edit goals and preferences" link
2) Scroll down just a bit and click the button that says "Use new start page with SparkCoach"
3) Click the "Start" link at the top in the nav bar to go to your new start page
4) You will see the page is built around a "To Do" style list. One of the items in the list will be Day 1 of the 28-day program.

If you are not a SparkPeople member, just join at and you will automatically see this new program.

We are hearing great feedback on this project so far. Here is one example:

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the new Spark Coach! I've gotten through the 28 days and now I'm going to start reading the messages from the beginning all over again. I'm trying to get my husband to join Spark just to have access to SparkCoach. He doesn't really have a weight problem but certainly could use the motivation encouragement!

I worked a ton of hours on this project along with our team, so I'd love to hear what you think about it! Let me know any comments below.

As a quick update on my recovery, I had a great visit to the doctor earlier this week if you'd like to see this update:


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