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Where have I been?

Saturday, December 08, 2018

It started last month. Blue just turned 3 months, and he started walking a bit off. Within a few days he looked like he was drunk. We took him to the Vet. They took X-rays of his spine & hips. They looked fine. They saw a bit of a shadow on his lower back legs, and thought it might be inflammation, but that shouldn't cause Blue to fall over and walk drunk. Was it growing pains? Nobody knew. The did 3 different test of blood work, looking for infection, white cells, and another one I can't remember right now. All the blood work came back normal. That took 2 weeks. By then Blue couldn't walk at all, or stand. They didn't feel it was neurological, because he seemed to have a bit of pain when they took the X-rays. If the problem was neurological he wouldn't be feeling pain. Everyone was for a loss, so my Vet recommended a specialist in Culver City. That's a ways from us, but I found a office, same Veterinarian group in Woodland Hills. A hour drive, but it is closer to our home. They got us in within 3 days. At that point I was so scared we were going to lose Blue before he was 6 months. But....he was eating just fine. I tell you, we were at a loss. The Vet did a wonderful hands on exam with Blue, and felt something was wrong with his neck, or upper spine. They took X-rays. Low and behold they found something in his neck. They were pretty sure he had fractured his neck somehow, maybe a fall, and the crack in his C2 (neck) was putting pressure on his spine. They started him on Prenisone, a low dose, and said we should see a result with 3 to 5 days. If he wasn't better then the problem must be something else and would have to do a MRI...No, the Vet wasn't looking for money. He gave us the cheapest options first, and we went with that. Luckily for Blue, and us, we have seen a good improvement. He is standing, sitting, and walking. Still a bit drunk, but each day he gets stronger. Now the problem is keeping him quiet enough so his neck can continue to heal. We put him in his crate off and on throughout the day to keep him calm, and he fights us. He doesn't want to go in, but it is for the best. I am bribing him with food so going inside the crate isn't a bad experience for him. All of our dogs have slept in crates except Alice and Sarge. We knew we could trust them to behave. So I don't want the crate to become a bad experience for Blue. So that is why most of you haven't heard from me. I just didn't want to talk about it. I took these pics of Blue last night. He looks so much better, and is wagging his tail again.

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