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December 8th

Saturday, December 08, 2018

Well I guess thinking I could go to bed and get a nights sleep was a huge mistake..cause...
Molly hates her new kennel..larger, nice pad and bed in it and room to really stretch out..but...
the door lifts up and down instead of swinging out. It rattles like mad and scares her. She flat refused to get in it last nite. She took off down the hallway and was cringing in the front room.
OMG..if it scares her that bad no way I will force her to get in it!
It was already 10:30 and I was tired. For a short insane moment I almost let her sleep at the foot of the bed. Then I knew I would wake to the dog fight of the century..or she would bale off after one of the cats..yes the puppy will still chase my cats , grrrrrrrrr! So I got up..went outside and drug the folded up dismantled kennel back in. I tilted the new one on its side and slid it into the bathroom for the night. Then reassembled the old one. Moved her stuff back into it and with some firm urging got her to go into it. She would much rather sleep on the foot of my bed. lil ones do..so I am sure she wonders why she can't. But all in all it was after 2 AM before I got back to bed.
Woke at 6:30 as usual and started my day. About 2 in the afternoon after feeding the pups and cats I sat down and passed out. Took a over 2 hour nap..woke feeling much better.
Ahhh critters are such fun?? yes indeed they are!
Tonite can go to bed at a decent time and not worry. My only fear is that Molly, who tends to be a bit of an independent thinker might have gotten the idea of NOT going into her bed. Gonna take some retraining I fear.
I was late with hay this PM due to my long nap. it was nearly 5 by the time I got out there.
Don Q was pacing the lil area he is in like an expectant father..round and round. The minute he heard the door open there was a Where Have You Been bray from him. As I threw his hay he was head down into it . He thinks he is starving! BRAT!!
Still kinda dragging..just hope tonite goes better ..Those 2 AM days were over years ago!
Have a great Sunday all.
Oh almost forgot..the endless afghan is done. I sent a pic to the person it goes to ..she said she likes it...whew! So will wrap it up and send it on its way next week!
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