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Saturday, December 08, 2018

That’s what Sparker MindFulSpark26 asked on my recent blog … It’s official … I’m back. After losing a total of 100 pounds … yep, I lost my way and re-found 60 pounds over the last 15 months.

What the heck!!! I was hoping I would just wake up thin and fixed for life. Geeeze!!!

Plan A … never eat again and exercise 48 hours a day.

Plan B … wish and want, wish and want and see what happens

Plan C … do what @#$%!!! is needed … sensibly and consistently.

How boring!
How painful!!
How necessary!!!

I was very, very successful with my elimination protocol … I lost 60 pounds in 6 months.

I ate s-l-o-w-l-y and mindfully.
Stopped when I was physically full.
I eliminated gluten, wheat, grains, soy, fake foods, sugar and dairy … ok I ate cheese.
I ate lean protein to include eggs; non-starchy veggies; low glycemic fruits and healthy fats to include nuts in three meals a day … nope, no snacks for me.
Main carbs came from veggies and fruits.
Drank 2+ quarts of water daily. I added H2Orange … 3oz of orange juice in 21oz of water twice a day and then additional 48+ oz of water.
Walked / hiked 5 times a week … every week … and moved my body daily.

The first month was a real pain … but then it became habit.

Sooo … what happened???

I need a magic wand!!!

My arms won’t look smaller … just coz I cover them up. ~Kenlie@alltheweigh

Here’s to … LIFE … uncovered.
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