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Saturday, December 08, 2018

In an attempt to sort out the blocked drain I started phoning companies for an idea on prices. First quote £395 + VAT. *gulp* Second company - number out of service. Next up £110 + VAT which sounds better eh? Except that was the call out charge to establish what the problem is and then give a quote on the cost to rectify it. Talk about money for old rope! So it went on.

Until eventually one chap asked "when do you want it done, today, tomorrow, or Monday"? "What's the difference" I asked. "Weekend rates are £130 per hour plus VAT. If you can bear to hold on until Monday it's a fixed fee of £160 plus VAT". I couldn't afford £130 [plus VAT] per hour so said I'd have to wait. He then asked me if any of my neighbours were having problems, to which I replied not as far as I know. "Are you on a shared drain system"? He asked. "Yes, I am" I told him. "In that case get on to Thames Water - they'll have to investigate and you may get it done free". Talk about doing himself out of business!

Obvs I did get on to Thames Water and a chap arrived within a couple of hours. He investigated and said the problem wasn't in the public drains however, given the situation I am in, he was going to see if he could clear it. He tried rodding it to no avail. He tried checking the houses either side. One was clear, the other he couldn't gain access to. He was here a couple of hours trying to resolve things. He 'phoned his bosses and asked for a 'Jetting Team' to be sent out but they refused as the problem is within my property boundary seemingly. Eventually he had to leave. So now the only thing I can do is hang on until Monday then call the guy who suggested trying Thames Water in case the blockage was in pipes they are responsible for. At least he was more honest than all the other companies I called.

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