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The (Beck) Diet Trap Solution: Family Traps

Saturday, December 08, 2018

This week we are discussing the Family Traps chapter of the Diet Traps Solution book in the BDS team.
(for those who are interested, this is the message board:

This capter is interesting for me: I got my highest score on family trap on the quiz, 3 out of my total 5, but none of the traps rings true.

Quiz questions:

How likely are you to overeat when your family upsets you? 1 (slightly likely)
How likely are you to go off plan during family meals or gatherings? 2 (moderately likely)
How likely are you to keep your family happy instead of doing what you need to do to lose weight 0

My issue is similar to "#2: The Rebel Trap - you revert to old behaviors when interacting with your family". I do revert to old behaviors sometimes but it is not rebelling against someone criticizing me. It is situations that remind me of happy times from my childhood, like playing cards with my parents and sisters... always eating a lot of cookies and pretzels. I rarely binge anymore, maybe 3-4 times a year, but if I do, it comes from such get-togethers.
This seems to be a personal trap, and I'll name it "Re-living Happy Childhood Memories" trap

Situation: I'm with my parents and sisters, chatting, playing cards, there are lots of cookies & pretzels on the table.

Escape Plan:

Sabotaging Thoughts:
I enjoy re-living happy childhood situations so much!
Eating cookies / pretzels used to be part of my experience, I should be able to eat them now too! They would make my experiment more vivid and happier.

*When I was a child, I was naturally thin, didn't have to watch what I ate to stay thin, and was not obsessed with the cookies.
*But I changed. Now I know eating 1-2 cookies would start an avalanche of eating a huge amount AND I wouldn't be happy at all. ((remember eating a pound of wafer cookies 2 years ago?))
*Cookies/pretzels are trigger food for me, and this is a trigger situation - handling both at the same time is too much for me to handle.

*Focus on the non-food part of the experience
*Resist cookies/pretzels - don't start to eat - I have difficulties with eating sugar and flour.
*Remember: I don't eat outside my 3 meals - and this is definitely not breakfast, lunch or dinner, so not time to eat.

This and my Food Pushers escape plan will help me stay on track and feel good during Christmas.

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