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Saturday, December 08, 2018

The cold weather wimp in me went and collected her swag this morning, but decided NOT to stick around and freeze my way around the park loop. It was 11*F, and I know my brother would have run, but not me! Instead, I have an agreement with Ariel the siren treadmill to put at least 3 miles on her today.

Meanwhile, I brought the swag home, and the Prisoner examined it while I was snapping a photo.

Then it was off to Ariel for the first mile.

Today is Day 8 of limiting sweeteners and sugar free gum. One interesting thing that I wasn't sure would happen but I'm liking it a lot: I'm sleeping longer before having to get up to pee! So clearly the combination of causes has at least an element that's being helped by the reduction of those items, but the part that's physical in terms of space and placement of organs... not doing much good. Hopefully the Occupational Therapist can do some good with that part... but for the better sleep alone, it's worth retraining my palate and giving up those sweeteners! emoticon

Yesterday's outing with my friend to watch her niece play basketball was a good one. Here's the niece in action, playing for the Community College. She's number 3, shown here setting a pick.

This gal is only 5'4" tall, as announced, but probably a bit less, as her aunt told me she was 5'3". Basketball always rounds "up" to the next inch, I noticed that back when my son played. So, naturally, she's a point guard. And my friend says she doesn't always get to start, but yesterday afternoon she did. They were taking on the #3 ranked Community College in the nation, and they got handily defeated, but it's good experience for them, anyway. They can hold their heads high. Not a big crowd there to watch the game, part of a tournament, but *we* were there.

Now it's time to fulfil some of my other "to do's" for the day, wishing that we ALL get out there and live the very best Saturday, December 8, 2018 we can, at whatever point on our life journeys we stand. It is, after all, the only one we'll ever get. And we're worthy of that present! emoticon emoticon emoticon
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