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We sometimes need a wakeup call

Friday, December 07, 2018

It is funny how sometimes, we think we can get away with being a bit (lot) to fat. I mean, there is no real problem right? I walk 1 km each morning going to work and the same coming back.
Yes I should lose at least 70 pounds but I don't feel it would change my life so much.

I'm doing fine.

Then, somebody you care about get's sick, I mean real sick. She get's in the hospital with a perforated bowel and gets so many complications mostly due to her weight. You realise how bad a situation can be made because of weight.

You start thinking that people who have problems because of their weight are lucky because they suffer from it and that would make it easier for them to lose the weight. No?
I mean there is so much for them to gain! there is no reason for them not to succeed! right?

Well once you start really think about it you realise you were soooo wrong. All of if is false.

I am not fine. I just managed to get used to being overweight and dismissed all the little symptoms by putting them on the fact that I am aging. being past 50 it is normal to:

- not being able to walk as fast
- having pain in my feet
- having a hard time bending over
- having a hard time getting down on the floor to do things.
- etc..

Aren't all of those things a side effect of getting older?

then I remember going with my grandfather for a walk. He walked fast and steady. after a while I had a hard time keeping up with him. He was 90yrs old I was 15. He was way older than I am right now. Yet he could keep walking for miles. I even remember him jumping from one foot to the other swinging his arms hard to "get the circulation running" has he would say.

How did I get older than him 40 years faster? There is no magic to it. He was never fat. He walked at least 5 miles each day rain snow or shine.

So there is a way. I just need to get to it.

So here I am for the n'th time and I will stay here for ever to make sure I never go back to where I was 2 weeks ago. the fatest ever 275 pounds.

So more motivated than I ever was, I have started taking care of myself.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Je suis dans le même bateau que toi,mon poids est monté à 174 lbs, mon plus haut à vie!! Je suis borderline partout cholestérol pression pré-diabète mais je ne suis pas médicamenté. Malgré tout j'ai de la difficulté à me reprendre en mains et à m'y tenir. Je t'ai ajoutée comme amie. Si tu en fais autant, nous pourrons nous entraider emoticon
    4 days ago
    Wonderful blog, I came to the same conclusion when faced with an operation and thinking of how I would cope being morbidly obese. That was in 2010, I started walking and was puffing like a train after minutes, I continued to do it even if I did not feel like it and most days did not.
    I googled ideas, found Jillian Michaels test on body type and started eating those foods. I lost weight I kept walking and eating and adding water. If I wanted to stop I made myself do 5 minutes more :) seems silly saying it but I did it. Started Zumba on dvd.
    I got to goal weight in 2016 I think it was... and thought ok I got here ... but it is a continued fight to do the right thing.

    I know you are a 'fighter', still remember you carrying the lady up the hill :) and will find what works for you.
    You have friends here who understand ... emoticon
    6 days ago
    Good for you sis. My grand parents were pretty much the same way. I think those previous generations of people were just a lot hardier than we are today. They had to do everything manually, had to make a lot of their own goods, work their own land, etc.

    Over the last 50 or so years, we've become accustomed to automated this and automated that. We have fast food (or at least 'ready to cook' food items) instead of making our own food with our own hands. We have allowed society's modern conveniences make our lives easier and less physically demanding. As a result, we aren't in the same shape that our parents and grandparents were in throughout their lives.

    Seems like it would be easy to live a more spartan lifestyle, to get back to doing things more like our elders did, but it is extremely difficult to give up so many of our conveniences.
    6 days ago
    Great blog - so many of us are in the same position and just starting to realize we really need to make the changes. All the best to you
    6 days ago
    Way to go on recommitting to a healthier you! You've got this 😊
    6 days ago
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