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Hubby is a bad eater but I can't let that drag me down!

Thursday, December 06, 2018

We got about an inch of so of snow late this afternoon. Just enough to make the drive home slow! But when I did get home, we were able to take the dogs for a nice walk in the snow - they love it! By the time we got around to thinking about supper, it was 7:00 pm. We finished all the food that was prepped in the fridge, so either I had to get food out of the freezer and whip something up in the Instant Pot, or it was going to be take out.

Take out is a bit of a struggle now. By nature it can be a healthy eating nightmare. Everything is battered or deep fried or covered in fatty sauces. Even the "healthy" takeout is hiding all kinds of unhealthy stuff. You REALLY need to do your research before heading out! Then there is the husband and his preferences to consider. Wherever I find something that I want to eat, there needs to be something that he will want to eat also.

I finally found the perfect place - Wendy's! I was able to get a big salad with chicken and avocado and bacon and cheese and tons of veggies and lettuce. With one package of salad dressing, it is 510 calories and so filling. A perfect supper option! And hubby gets to order his bag of crappy food too.

He ordered a double bacon cheeseburger combo, which they cleverly talked him into upsizing for a larger pop and fries. I did some research on line and his ONE MEAL has more calories than I ate all day + breakfast tomorrow! And over 2 days of fat for me!

The even worse thing is that 6 months ago I would likely have ordered a burger combo. I would have had a single cheese with regular fries and Diet Pepsi, but it still would have been over double the calories and fat of the meal I got tonight. And I LOVED the meal I had tonight. I am completely satisfied. I watched him eating his supper and (unlike other times I have been trying to eat healthy) it never made me think - gee, I wish I could have a burger and fries.

So, tonight was a good night for me. No, it was a great night for me!

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