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Happy Tuesday ... back to work today .. Yesterday was a good day, today will be gooder .. lol

Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!!

You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

We also have ice for a selection of fresh iced drinks .

Yesterday was de ja vous .. back to the past .. however with a bit more difficulty .. Me .. being the queen of Excel .. sat there, and couldn't figure out how to do simple functions and formulas .. really scared me .. Did I put my work stuff sooo far down deep into my brain filecabinet and not even know it .. :) Thankfully after about an hour of answering different questions .. the file cabinet opened up again, and I figured out how to do what I needed to do .. lol ..

I have reports ready for us to start .. and today, I'm going to hopefully finish up the reports that ARE in the system but not as easy to access .. I think I have a plan .. keep your fingers crossed it works .. lol

I did make a big mistake however ... I had a bowl of cereal and banana for breakfast, around 10ish or so ... and thought .. I would be fine; but boy was I wrong !!!! I got to work around 11, and dug right in .. Ben brought in Jimmy Johns for him and his mom (Linda) .. and thankfully she cut me about a 2 inch piece of her sandwich .. I enjoyed it, (she was cutting it in half anyway, and taking half home) but by mid afternoon I was so hungry .. I had a piece of chocolate to cut the edge in hoping to break the headache that was kicking into full gear .. I finally took a couple of aspirin .. I really was associating my headache from the busyness of the afternoon .. and trying to put something together, that I was winging, and I was (and still am) not comfortable with (I would rather be a follower, and not the organizer on things like this .. it scares me but alas .. there's somethings that you have to put your fears and concerns to the back burner, and just push forward .. )

I realized I was truly hungry .. and I was getting ready to gnaw off my own arm if I could .. lol .. I finally got to a point that I could stop and left around 4:30ish .. It was actually funny .. there were challenges throughout the day, and I stepped right back into the role of trying to figure out solutions ..

Hubby texted me and told me that he was making me a good supper like he used to when I was working .. and for that I was thankful .. Back then; I would come home from work, and he would have supper waiting .. I used to have a drawer of healthy snacks available to me .. I didn't yesterday .. *sigh* .. I got home I was so hungry and happily hubby made a kettle of Manwich .. After getting myself changed and comfortable; I had 3 sandwiches, and chips .. and after those .. I wasn't stuffed like I thought I would be .. I never had that uncomfortable feeling after overeating .. I must have been hungry ..

Today I'll be going again at 11ish .. but I'm stopping on the way in and having something, and taking an apple with me for a just in case .. Even though I think they are bringing in pizza for dinner tonight .. (something that you can eat and work) .. so I'll have something for just in case before then .. so hoping it won't happen again ... It'll be a later night tonight .. I'm HOPING around 8ish we'll be to a point to stop ... but not guaranteeing it ..

I have to remember to tell Jimmy that I will be in later tomorrow, because I have an appointment to take mom to the doctor .. and her appointment is at 11:30ish ..

Jimmy wasn't there when I got there, but when he got there; I sat down in his office, and asked him directly out ... I asked that I get some kind of $$ reimbursement for my time spent in the building .. and he didn't even bat an eye .. when he said "I never thought of anything but .. this is a part time job, and you will get paid" .. YAY ME !!!!! Doesn't make it AS painful .. but I would still rather be working on my quilt, and enjoying the season .. lol .. however, I'm thinking this will be about a week or so ..

So that made me happy !!! :)

Sooo the story continues .. I'm hiding my fears and concerns .. and let's see how much of a "leader" I can be .. (without panic attacks .. lol) .. and "gititdone" .. lol lol .. keep your fingers crossed .. :)

I got home and on the way upstairs I see no Uly or TD .. ohhhh nooooo Yup -- things are back to normal .. lol lol lol .. Primary was having dinner however .. I knew they were around somewhere .. and couldn't be far .. lol lol lol .. They weren't IN the tree .. so Grampa must've explained the facts of Christmas decorations to them well ..

After dinner I went on the hunt .. and low and behold .. where did I find them ???

What am I going to do with a little unicorn and teddy bear that think they are monkeys ..??? lol lol lol ..

Oh .. I did have some fun yesterday .. :) I told Kim about my strange experience with the following the light tunnel in Vegas .. and showed her my pictures ..

and that sent her on a search ... it's called a SNOWDOG rainbow .. :) and I found a picture that shows what it looked like .. that tunnel walking toward the light ... It's created by the moisture in the air .. but not reaching the ground .. It seems to be rather common in the desert .. but most of the photos that I saw, were with snow ..

It was one of the most beautiful phenomenons that I have seen in a long time ... and I was awestruck .. I was so happy to find out that it WASN'T the tunnel beckoning me .. but just an act of God that just drew awe ... and I was blessed to see it in real life !!! :)

With that being said .. I need to get myself going here .. so talk later... and have a WONDERFUL day !!!!:) I'm going to !!!!

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    Glad you figured out the computer mystery.

    Well, glad you’re organized food-wise for today @ work.

    Good luck to your Mom w/her eye exam!

    OHhhhhhh my goodness. Uly and Teddy are adventurous!!!!!!!

    Isn’t the snowdog rainbow beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

    14 days ago
    14 days ago
    That snowdog rainbow is cool! My grandma and mom use to talk about different things like that! So cool!
    14 days ago
  • CEEMEE11
    Need to get that first cup of coffee in to feel human
    14 days ago
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