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Happy Thursday ... Wonderful day yesterday .. shooting for another one today !!!!

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!!

You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

We also have ice for a selection of fresh iced drinks .

Grampa did his job yesterday .. while hubby and I were out and about throughout the day; he kept Uly and TD entrigued in his stories of Santa and Christmas .. Good Grampa !!!!

I enjoyed a Sally morning .. I went out and got my nails cleaned up .. They are sparkly Christmas red .. and she did a wonderful job on them .. I got the "dipped" nails .. they are powders that they put on a clear coat of polish and dip your fingers into powder .. another coat of clear polish (special kind) and dip into powder .. Well -- after 3-5 dips .. they clean them up and finish them off .. they turn out as hard as the acrylic that I normally get and I don't have to fight with the skin reactions that I sometimes get .. :)

This place makes you feel like it's a spa experience.. while my old place was wonderful, they always did everything fast .. and that included taking off the old with the drummel with a vengence (depending on who you got) .. but this place they are soooo gentle with the drummel, and it takes a bit longer, but it's worth it !!! I told the owner that ..

From there I went to Joanne Fabrics, and found my red fabric, and got another 3 yards .. WOOHOO !!! and had a 15% coupon to boot !!! DOUBLE WOOHOO !!!!! It's up in the washing machine as we speak .. :)

From there I buzzed over to Kohls .. I had coupons and a credit on my account .. and I have been looking for simple silver chains .. I got one 16" and one 18" for my little Puff pendant that I had gotten. I only had a long chain, and if I wore anything that had a swoop neckline; or button down neckline; it hid underneath .. I wanted something that I could wear it higher on my neckline .. I found 2 yesterday .. after my coupons, and my credit that was on my account I ended up spending only $2.50ish .. I think my happy hubby is rubbing off on me .. lol lol .. and I got the chains that I was looking for ... lol lol lol ..

As I was walking into Kohls I got a text from hubby that he was leaving his Wii bowling; and wanted to know if I wanted to go to the mall for a walk .. and I told him that if he wanted to wait ... I would be home soon .. I knew what I was shopping for, and found it. I'm not a browser .. I go to a store, get what I'm looking for, and leave .. that's about as "shopping" as I enjoy .. lol lol .. So -- I headed for home ..

We left and he took me to BKing, for a burger and fries for lunch, and we went to the mall .. :)

He walks through the big stores as well, and I just stay in the mall. I walked past the Consumer Testing office, and they scooped me in .. I got all the information in order to "test it this morning" and then they will call me tonight .. and ask me the questions .. lol .. I got $5 for my troubles .. :) This is the 2nd time I've gotten approached, and hubby hasn't gotten approached at all .. I told him that's because "I" go past first, because he takes the long routes .. lol lol ..

We went to the "big" mall in the area, and I was proud of myself .. I did 2 laps downstairs and 2 laps upstairs .. I didn't power walk, but I walked .. I window shopped, and browsed; but I did 4 laps around the entire mall .. :) WOOHOO !!!

We got home just before 5 and I was pretty pooped from my fun day .. :) and no UliCam !!! lol lol lol .. so they behaved .. GOOOD GRAMPA !!!!! lol lol lol

Today .. Hubby is off on his mall walk, there is light snow on the ground, and I have my material in the washer for it's initial "get the stiffness out" washing; and I am going to play with my quilt !!!! I want to see if I can make my ideas work .. I told hubby to go about his running, and I was staying home for today .. (at least for awhile) ..

I'm very happy to say .. that it's been a week, and I'm still holding my after-vacation weight .. I know a few days I wasn't feeling well, but am trying to balance out my exercise and my eating.. I eat only when I'm hungry and not because "it's there", or "it's time" .. and it's working well ..

I'm also going to start on my Christmas cards .. I got my list together (somewhat .. I can't find my last year's list if my life depended on it but I know I put it where I wouldn't forget where it was when I needed it .. lol) .. nope .. just checked the last drawer .. and nope .. not in there either .. lol lol .. Soooo while my material is washing and drying; I will be working on my Christmas cards .. :)

Yes .. Life is GOOD .. and I'm going to enjoy this Christmas season .. :)

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    I LOVE the coupons at Joann's!!
    15 days ago
    15 days ago

    Awwwwww, Grandpas are just the best, aren’t they!!!

    Hmmmmm… the “dipped nails” sound nice!!!

    Glad you found your simple silver chains!!!

    Glad the kiddos behaved while you were away!!

    Glad to hear that your eating when you are HUNGRY is working for you.

    BWAHAHAHA! Yeah, think I’d better just buy the prezzies myself!!!

    15 days ago
    Glad you enjoyed a Sally day!
    15 days ago
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