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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

I started tracking my eating patterns because I had come into the knowledge that I unfortunately had acquired a number of food allergies. They affect 3/4 of my diet and they were tricky dicky to keep track of and I wanted some positive motivation. I gave myself a shiny stick on rhinestone on my health calendar for things I did right, whether that meant I ate or drank the right thing, or exercised, or most importantly avoided the foods I was allergic to.

So it’s confession time (to you my health audience/ conscience) and reflection of what happened over the course of the year. I took my stack of rhinestones and stood them up against each other. I did well for the most part with a few surprises, and the parts I did the worst with clearly show the way of what I should focus on now. Over this course of the year I waffled over the same miserable poundage ending up with about a 10 lb increase overall. Which is not good because it steadily kept increasing, any decreases were short lived. It’s the creeping kind of gain you know, one little pound sneaks on and then another and you might trick yourself and say that your pretty close and so you don’t stay on it like you should. Sigh, this has ever been my story.

To be fair all I was really concentrating on was how to eat with all these restrictions I noe have, and no I’m not making them up, I really am allergic to these foods and they really do affect me and my health including my psoriasis. Half the items I tracked I did really well with. The best that I did was eating fruit, drinking water, and surprisingly avoiding wheat. Then the next ones, which were pretty close were, avoiding soy and corn, I ate vegetables, ate proper protein (chicken, fish , pea proteins, and avoiding nightshade (tomatoes, potatoes, and peppers).
Very well done, I give myself a pat on the back because those were some major things to get right.

Then there is a significant jump up in the remaining rhinestones. These included peanuts (actually I didn’t eat them at all but the medical community says to avoid tree nuts as well and I like almonds and walnuts and others. Then green leafy veggies (for shame I’m supposed to be much better at that one), then taking my vitamin supplements (kind of shocking I use to be better at that), then eating red meat (I’m supposed to avoid it completely for my psoriasis diet), I guess I like my steak. Then alcohol and coffee. If I was tracking alcohol only it would have been much better but my husband kept bring home those little double shot espresso cans of Starbucks, technically I think you have to count them as a sweet treat too.

Then the last three. Sweet treats which includes chocolate, that was a favorite, and I also had a lot of fruit popsicles. I can’t call them bad all the way because they were fruit only usually with no added sugar, I guess I was tracking my intention there to have something sweet. The rest was the usual no excuse for it some kind of a sugar bomb. And here I hang my head low. Exercise was one of the least done things. If it weren’t for my Wednesday 10k with my walking group, it would be pretty pathetic. And here it is the item I was the worst at Dairy and Eggs. I am allergic to eggs and I actually do well at avoiding them altogether, I connect them with wheat and you see that I did very well at avoiding that. But it’s the dairy I suck at. To be a little more specific, it’s cheese and sometimes real ice cream. I’m not allergic to milk but I still react to it. As was pointed out by an autoimmune expert it’s reacting to the hormones and antibiotics given to cows that are the real culprits. It keeps me stuffed in the nose, if I eat ice cream I swell up ( I do a pretty good job of avoiding it and eat sorbets instead). But it’s the cheese that is the real problem. Because I have to give up so many other things I run out of ready to eat foods that I used to rely on. And you can have a slice of cheese in a heartbeat. Plus it’s not good for my gall bladder either.

So there you go, I need to exercise more, stop dairy, reign in my addiction to sweets, eat more salads and continue on with the rest of my diet as I’ve been doing. I’ve stopped drinking alcohol altogether so that’s helpful. And I need to get better at putting together meals, or at least prepping for them better, so that I don’t give up so fast because I’m starving and didn’t eat in a timely basis. I know how to do all this. I do a lot of it quite well but I also know where I fall down, and it’s mainly because I’m unprepared, and sometimes I feel sorry for myself and grant my self a “treat” or an excuse as to why it’s ok this time to disregard this part of my diet. I need to do only a little bit more for exercise. I think my main problem is that I put too much time into it when I exercise so then I don’t want to do something because of that reason. That sounds kind of childish to me, something to be worked on for sure. It’s been awhile since I checked in to spark people, I guess I’ve had a busy summer. I’ve got my marching orders now so I know what to focus on the most.
I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving day. We did, I made the whole traditional feast and it turned out great everyone loved it. I made 3 pies, 2 pumpkin ( one was for my husbands mom to take home) and also an apple. I haven’t made pies in forever so it was fun and delicious. Yes I caved and ate the wheat crust. It was a holiday for heavens sake and I’m not always perfect. For the once a year feast I ate normal. That also meant dressing with sausage, mashed potatoes and gravy and a breadstick too. And ice cream. At least the rest of the meal was good, green salad, the bird, green beans and homemade cranberry mandarin orange sauce. Mmmm you gotta love turkey day!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Allergies are tough. My oldest son is lactose intolerant, and allergic to latex. Latex translates into a whole range of food allergies: tree nuts, mangoes, melons, avocado, kiwi, papaya, ripe bananas. Cooking for him is tough.
    928 days ago
    As a fellow food allergy sufferer I understand your frustration. I have the best luck when I focus on what I can eat and do the recipes I have gathered over the years. Where I run into trouble is when I can eat something I made, but forget I cannot eat it out at a friends house or a restaurant. But I have gotten better over the years.

    I am trying to eat less meat but DH is a meat and potatoes man. I get rather tired of cooking two different meals. Then I feel guilty for feeling that way. Love my large chest freezer. I can cook in bulk then fix meals from that.

    As for the exercise, I am right there with you on not doing what I had planned. Trying to do a set of
    exercises WATERMELLEN wrote about her husband doing. She is doing it now and up to 4 sets. I am inconsistent and still getting through 1 set now and then! I need to add that to my bullet journal that sounds similar to what you do..
    928 days ago
    HUGS and keep on working. A step at a time and you'll progress.
    931 days ago
    Sounds like things are coming together for you. Have you considered the 8 Week Blood Sugar Diet? It was developed by the same guy who produced the 5:2 Diet and is surprisingly easy to follow, despite being fairly strict.
    931 days ago
  • LIS193
    A big pat on the back!! You have done well figuring out which foods do not work for you. Allergies are not fun to deal with and make it so hard to construct a healthy plan.
    Great analysis of your eating and exercise patterns!!
    931 days ago
    I wish you luck.
    931 days ago
    My daughter suffers from severe allergies and asthma and so do I. It’s always great to have a plan!!
    931 days ago
  • GRUMPY72
    I struggled for a long time, but I decided to push forward and make a list of the things I could substitute instead of looking at what we couldn’t eat. For your cheese, try subbing deli meat, it’s ready and if you made it Chicken or Turkey!
    931 days ago
  • GRUMPY72
    A big hug to you! Allergies suck! I haven’t had a steak in nearly 17 yrs! Around the same time my body told me to give up dairy. Then 8 yrs later had a kid that can’t have Dairy or Soy and some fruits, they are totally toxic to her. (Next post)
    931 days ago
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