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Words of My Sponsor – OA Recovery

Monday, November 26, 2018

• Defiant - when I'm not in the right spiritual place.
• My food plan is so that I FEEL BETTER and am healthier.
• Are you willing to do anything to be abstinent?
• Are you willing to do what you need to do to feel about food the way you feel about alcohol? -- free?
• Your HP is what you define that will help you, not what you think God didn't do for you.
• HP is not what other people think; HP is what you need; what you believe; what you design. • I have to remind myself constantly that I want the Promises and that is what Recovery is.
• Pick ONE thing in recovery. Do that 'no matter what.' When that is working, add more until you feel stable.
• No sugar is rough, but it is worth it. It is not easy to come off sugar.
• Remember, if you ARE a compulsive eater, your brain will try to trick you into eating. Don't listen.
• Remember, you are in a race between your willingness for recovery and your disease wanting you to eat.
• Do you feel you are ready to commit fully to the program?
• Do you rely on HP to help you? DO IT even if you don't believe it will work.
• Move on the Step 3. MAKE A DECISION. That takes NO time at all.
• Are you desperate? You know you are powerless.
• You don't need to know how, why, or what. Relying on HP will help you. It is not will power.
• You don't have to experiment with food any more. You don't have to live in the compulsion any more.
• You can be free of the food obsession and compulsion UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.
• Remember, your compulsive mind WILL try to talk you into the food it wants.
• Now I can say "No thank you" or accept it and give it away. Depending on the situation.
• You need the willingness to ACCEPT the abstinence that HP wants to give you.
• Everything is YOUR choice. You decide what to accept and what to throw away.
• No binge is wasted if you learn from it.
• Food is everywhere, but so is HP.
• The program is to help you find HP and the way to use it in your everyday life so that you don't WANT the food.
• "You recoil from it as from a hot flame."
• Today: Plan your food. Ask HP for the willingness and then the ability to stay on your food plan today.
• Ask HP to help you set healthy (mentally and physical) boundaries for your exercise and food.
• The weight will take care of itself.
• The compulsive eating needs to stop and then the obsessive thoughts and behaviors will go away as well.
• You do not have to do a huge amount. You just need to do more that you are. 5 minutes.
• Read AA’s Daily Reflection every night and write about it.
• I don't believe that HP pulls strings that makes things bad...bad things happen.
• My HP will give me the strength to survive whatever comes.
• ...whatever God is, there is a set of ideals that he wants done. I have a choice in how I apply that (footwork).
• Just for today - I will try to strengthen my mind. I will study. I will learn something useful.
• I will not be a mental loafer. I will read something that requires effort, thought and concentration.
• You KNOW it will get better.
• Get a basic plan. Figure out what is not an option.
• Things on the green can slip into the yellow and things on the yellow can become red.
• The program allows us to recognize the truth.
• Our obsessive brain will always try to trick us into eating things we shouldn't.
• Slips - What lead to the incident? What emotions were happening? What triggered it?
• When was your last OA meeting? Did you make a food plan? What new actions result?
• What new OA related activities do you plan to do?
• You know the program works, use it. Just sitting in a hen house, will not make you a chicken.
• You want a healthy way of losing and maintaining the weight loss. You need to set up those behaviors now.
• Once the weight is gone, it is hard to keep up the spiritual side of the program.
• If what you were doing does not keep the slips from happening, add more quantity or quality of program.
• Slips lead to relapse.
• Step 10 = repeat step 4 using the forms, share them with another program person
• Ask HP to remove the defects I find and do step 8 & 9 if appropriate.
• Re: resentments - Pray for their health, prosperity, happiness. pp.551-552 Freedom from Bondage.
• Pray to show them the same tolerance, pity, and patience that we would cheerfully grant a sick friend"
• The program is to give you spiritual growth...you can be recovered from A/D, AND compulsive eating • Once you are recovered then you continue to grow spiritually.
• No matter what the situation the program helps us handle it
• Re: feeling fat. It is just a feeling. The weight is a one day at a time.
• Just like your recovery from alcoholism--you string together day after day.
• What step are you on in working your OA program?
• Your brain tells you that you can eat--that you should eat--that there is no reason to abstain. • Preparation ahead of time helps me to stay on track.
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    Thank you for sharing. You can do this one day at a time
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