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I blame the giving of the thanks

Sunday, November 25, 2018

I got all the way up to three days in a row, and then Thanksgiving happened, and *poof* went my little streak. Alas. So I begin anew...who's counting with me...ready???

ONE! One day in a row, ah ah ah (with apologies to the Children's Television Workshop. TO be honest, all these years later, and I'm still not sure if The Count is saying "Ha ha ha" or "Ah ah ah". He kind of mixes it up from time to time, just to make it all the more confusing.

So Thanksgiving was turkey, etc, the standard fare for the holiday, Friday was more of the same, not leftovers, as Turkey Day was spent at...umm...extended family's house (I hesitate with that description, because it's more like my sister-in-law's uncle's house, so it's not my own family per se, but it's family nevertheless. You dig?), and the leftovers remained there), but freshly made stuff at my brother's house, including stuffing made by my 7 year old nephew (with assistance by his parents), a store bought rotisserie chicken, and other turkey day-like side dishes. Saturday food was pizza, because there was a big game going on (I don't want to talk about it). And Sunday might be the leftovers from Friday, because I'm taking my parents back to my brother's house in the morning. So a lot of feasting going on these past few days. And so far...the scale is being relatively kind. Even the mean scale at my brother's house, which always weighs in at an extra 3 or 4 pounds, it was only showing a +4 from the pre-turkey day weight. It'd be nice if that held through the Wednesday final blc weigh in. Suppose I should try to put in some good exercise on Monday and Tuesday to help that come true. And maybe lay off the extra grub, now that the holiday weekend is almost over.

Helped the cause a bit by wandering out to Plymouth, MI, and just wandering around for a while with a friend. Literally, just wandering. The downtown area isn't that big, and we must have hit every street within those 3 blocks two or three times apiece. There were stops in multiple chocolate stores, and a cupcake shop, the latter of which we loitered in, over a cup of hot cider, for a good while. And then wandered out for another loop, before finally calling it an evening, a good few hours after we began wandering. It was a nice, chill evening, with the 45 degree weather keeping it from being too chilly. Might have to choose another small town to languidly explore for another occasion.

And now, really, I should re-discover the comforts of my bed. Because it is near 1:30 AM, and sleep calls, like a drug, as in this U2 song I'm currently listening to:

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