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Finding joy ?

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Maybe my mood is sad today because I am still sick, I am not sure. I drove to work yesterday and sheared off a bolt holding my tire on the van and the other tire was losing air every other day. This other problem happens every winter due to rusty rims and I can not afford 5 grand for new ones so I air them often which is not a big deal.

I am finding it harder to find the joyfulness in the world. I know it is there. I am so grateful when I see it. What I see more often is a very stressed America. People go to work, go home, and they are not happy or joyful. The Reason for the season gets missed in the hustle and bustle of just trying to make it through another day. There is so much negativity in the news. Children killing, mental breakdowns occur and people snap. Clearly, America needs to focus more on mental health but the focus is pointed towards gun control or other things.

I really miss the good ole days when people took pride in their jobs, they went the extra mile for customer service to keep and get new customers. The boy bagging your groceries did a great job, carried it to the car for you, the full service gas station, checked your oil and tires, the department store gave you a discount whether you were aware of one or not, the diner waitress smiled and worked hard to make sure the coffee stayed full and that you were happy, and people held doors for one another.

So, what started this blog was my tire leaking, and I was able to get right in (great customer service), the total cost was less than they quoted (great customer service), I had to wait 10 minutes before anyone came to desk to see what was needed (poor customer service), no smiles or how are you ? (poor customer service). I drove to Walmart for sinus medicine and the tire looked flat. I checked it and it read 31 out of the cold pressure of 44 PSI possible. I went back to the tire place and when they checked it read 35 PSI. All the other tires were 44 PSI and the van now pulls to the left when driving. I am disappointed they did not even check the other tires to make sure I would be driving safely.

I guess the bottom line here is that I miss the way the world used to be, I wish we would go back to more behaviors that nurture and help others, and I need to guard my own mental health by continuing to look for and find joy in my life. I need to stay happy in order to see more happy. I need to remember we are all human, we make mistakes, and we all need a hand every now and again.

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  • ROSIEJ1942
    I agree with you, also. There is nothing today, that was like in the olden days, where things were much simpler, and even putting air in tires, used to be free, but, not anymore, as it costs 25 cents, or maybe more, now, idk for sure, unless you/we got to a parts store or auto place or etc, that might check or put air in tires for free.

    I usually have the news on for the weather, emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    104 days ago
    Lisa walks in and sits down next to TC.....Yeah, life can be a struggle. Chin up when you're ready. emoticon
    934 days ago
  • JAMER123
    TC, I so agree with you on so many points. We need help in America. Our daughter is a manager at a convenience gas station and is loved by her customers and staff. But she puts out the effort to greet people, smile and chat with them. That is not common in many areas. I hope you are feeling better and can find that positive attitude we so love you for. You may find happiness in a new job situation too. God bless and have a wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving.
    emoticon emoticon
    935 days ago
  • HOLDINGMYOWN heart is breaking for you right now emoticon
    You have had such hard times has been one thing after the other for you....
    Getting sick and having to go on prednisone has not made any of it easier even if it helped you get rid of the infection....

    A lot of people have stopped watching news stations or talking to people about things in the news because our world is so topsy turvy these days....
    Like one lady said to me the other day....I stick to talking about the weather ...At least we cannot do much about Mother Nature.....

    Mental Health here in Canada is no better under control than anywhere else...and mental health clients are being given medication then chucked out on their own because the gov't says they are healed?? And of course *they too* think they are healed so they stop those meds and all hell breaks loose!

    Like Sharon and Brenda....I too would love the * good ol' days * back.....and I often reminisce about them and the simplicity of my growing up days! But even my own 2 boys did not have that simplicity....My life with them was a constant moving hurricaine! But I still had joy and fun and laughter....( even though I myself was living in a bad and loveless marriage )

    Like Brenda....I like to to little things to help someone when I see they need something ....and smile some more! Not sure these things make anyone else smile or feel joyful....BUT it makes me feel good....and that is all that matters really...ME

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    935 days ago
    I agree with you most folks look like they are unhappy at their jobs no smile & no Thank you I have been trying to smile at people more when out & about some smile back others look at you like what are you smiling about & I Try to hold the door for others , But this world is in such a fast pace most don't have time to think. I feel sorry for the children now days don't even have the time to really play they learn so much even in kindergarten Tech stuff is crammed down them so early We all need to slow down take a breath and relax & send quality time with each other. Like the good ole days

    I hope you start to feel better soon Hugs my Friend Take Care emoticon emoticon emoticon
    935 days ago
    TC - you sound so unhappy but I hope it's because you are not feeling well and that is bringing you down. I agree with everything you are saying and I also miss the old days. I must say living amongst a bunch of retired people, most everyone is happy and feel blessed. Your blog is just not the happy upbeat lady that we know and love. Rest and get better. The world may be the same but you will look at it differently hopefully!
    935 days ago
    We have a similar problem with our FX4 about a tire loosing air constantly and it is quite a pain in the rump. We can't just drive it as it always has to be aired up. Another of our vehicles burns through oil so it constantly has to be checked and filled. Too much time and expense just to be able to get from one place to another. So I feel for you.

    The mental health problem started years ago when well-meaning politicians decided that psychotropic meds were so great that they could close mental institutions. If you have ever had a psychotic member in your family you know that this approach is foolhardy. The family tries to deal with them but has no rights so now many of these people end up in prison. We do need to address this problem but we also need to make it illegal for mentally ill people and violent people to possess firearms.

    I also miss those things about years ago. I don't defend bad service but when I was young working people were paid a lot better, were treated better, and had better benefits than they do today. You kind of get what you pay for. If I had a business I would have high expectations for my employees and would pay them and treat them accordingly.

    Try to get out and get some sun if you can. Walk in nature. While man can often disappoint nature usually has some surprises and gifts for us. emoticon
    935 days ago
  • no profile photo HOTPINKCAMARO49
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon God bless you.
    935 days ago
  • KAREN608
    Maybe that wheel can be taken off, tire removed, sand down the rim, repaint and reinstall the tire? Is the valve stem and valve okay? Anything like this can be fixed. Just replace one wheel at a time. Find an ordinary man that works on tires, not the big shop. Cheaper.

    It is true that people seem less happy in general as they expect so much. Advertising makes us think we are doing without if we don't buy things. News tells mostly of all the bad and not the good things. I don't watch TV news. I am happier for it. There are better things to do with time than watch that. I act positive and happy in my daily life and compliment workers in the stores. We all have massive problems, but I refuse to let that define me. I can see, hear, have some food to eat and a warm bed at night. Clean water comes from my faucet. It's enough. It is good.
    935 days ago
    I agree with you on customer service ~ I stress that to my employees every day. I also always have a saying printed on my desk about attitudes currently it reads:
    Attitudes are contagious ~
    Is yours worth catching

    It only takes one bad apple to rot the whole basket; attitudes are the same way and so easy to catch a negative one. Once there is negativity in my office it spreads like wildfire. Still working on how to turn that around but know you are not alone in trying to make the world a more positive place.

    I have stopped watching the news on a regular basis it was just too depressing negative about EVERYTHING just to get the ratings.
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving emoticon emoticon emoticon
    935 days ago
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