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Big yawn! And Yesterday’s doctor appointment

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Before the Cooper-dog returned to dreamland after I rudely shoved him out of my way in the recliner after my early morning workout today, he gave this grand yawn... which I happened to capture... lol! My what big teeth you have... I saw my doctor yesterday. Just a checkup and check in, after all my medical troubles of the late Summer and Fall. My weight is up a little, but she said I am capable of handling getting that in hand myself. My blood pressure, and a1c were close to perfect though. For the past two weeks I have been really strict with myself about macronutrient proportions (though not really portion size) and my glucose readings have been spot on for two weeks straight. I guess if I want to avoid hypoglycemic events I just have to be a extra vigilant about my diet. Meh. It gets tedious, but overall policing myself and my good habits is less stressful than seeing a number in the 40s on the glucose monitor! In addition, at my doctors appointment, we talked about how I am progressing (or rather, not progressing) in physical therapy with my bad right shoulder. I pointed out that the doctor has never had any kind of imaging done of the shoulder to see what is actually going on with it... and she said she thought she had... uh, no... I would have remembered that! So she ordered X-rays of the shoulder. Just so that she and my physical therapist can be certain they are doing the most appropriate treatment modalities for it. I have been doing my physical therapy exercises at least once a day, usually twice a day for about two months now, and there’s very little change in the right shoulder as yet. Harrumph. (Picture me pouting... lol). I went to the local hospital outpatient center yesterday after my doctors appointment to get the X-rays... yikes! The hospital has changed computer systems, or medical records systems or something.., so almost everyone has to completely re-register, instead of fast tracking if their information is up to date like we could with the old system. So I ended up waiting nearly two hours... most of that just to get registered... to spend about 5 minutes getting X-rays! lol... but I did it, it’s done... if there’s anything that’s critical and needs to be addressed before my next doctors appointment the office will call me and set up an appointment... if not, we will go over the results in March at my next appointment. I will probably ask the physical therapist about the results next week though... lol! She is a lot more approachable than my doctor, and more forthcoming with information. I have some errands to run today, but I really don’t want to drive anywhere on the snow covered roads, especially with the high winds we are experiencing. Maybe I will see how much I can take care of on foot. The Cooper-dog is still curled up in my lap, snoozing away, and it’s pretty late in the morning for him... I usually walk him around 7 or 7:30 during the Winter months. But it’s already after 8:30, and he shows no inclination to go out in the blowing cold. Not sure if he’s smart... or a wimp! Eventually he’s going to HAVE to go out though! Have a great day, whatever your weather, wherever you are in the world... remember to be the best you that you can be today!
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