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Happy Saturday .. Happy Birthday to ME!!

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Good morning to my friends!!! I wonder if this is Vegas's form of a rainbow since the moisture seldom makes it down to here ... but the sun is in the middle ... it was like 3 suns ... Sorry, yesterdays photo was cut off at the top ... it was The Palms .. across the street. We had a fun day yesterday ... and a busy one again 20019 steps. . And Im handling it well .. Yesterday was even without being lubed up with my Biofreeze (I forgot) and that had me worried ... but by the end of the day I was tired ouchies, but not hurting hurting. So for that I was very thankful. I tried something different with my feet as well ... my socks are support socks with light arch support and thicker .. I get some rubbing spots throughout the day, and they get tender.. as my feet swell so instead of covering my feet with bandaids which dont stick after my magic potion is applied anyway and well .. make more rubbing points as they start to slide off ... I tried something different ... I put on a clean pair of socks and then over them I put on yesterdays socks I still have the clean pair on first over my clean feet, and that blocked all the rubbing all over my feet .... and because they are thicker to begin with, its like walking on clouds ...WORKS!!! Today is my birthday, and we're planning on trucking down the other side of the strip .. tonight is our last night here .. from here we head downtown ... yes I'll send you a picture of our view. Hubby is planning on giving me TGI Fridays "better than burger" menu ... He's looking forward to bbq ribs and Im looking forward to steak of some sort .... Yesterday we gluttoned on pizza... I was very surprised .. It was thick crust and super yummy and I thought there was no way we could finish it ...but we did ... (next time we'll order the smaller one but the funny thing was I thought I was going to be stuffed to the point of explosion (we DID have intentions of taking some back to the room but didnt happen) or be super sluggish ... I was full, but not stuffed; and never felt like I was going to explode ... I wonder why that happened ... is it because we have been soooooooo very active?? Is it because we've pretty much been having one substantial meal each day, occasionally I got myself a breakfast sandwich at Starbucks if I woke up hungry (this morning is one that I dont need breakfast ...*burp*) but Ive seriously not been hungry... could this be from doing so much walking?? Does exercise decrease appetite?? But doing it this way, when we do eat, I actually enjoy what Im eating ...but its not because Im starving. Wierd ??? Okay ... going to get myself going ...hope everyone has a great day!!!
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