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Breaking the Food Seduction, Introduction

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Breaking the Food Seduction
By Neal Barnard, M.D.


How are foods treating me? Am I a willing victim of junk food no matter the effect it has on me in terms of my waistline and health? YES!

I have felt the seduction, “I know I shouldn’t eat _______, but I do it anyways. I have often said, “________ called out my name and I answered.”

How many times have I stated that I love ____________, but it does not love me back? Love is supposed to be nourishing and make you feel good. That is not what is happening in my love affair with food, I feel more like a slave to it.

How do I break free?
1. Certain food habits are physical; there are specific properties of some foods that cause them to be addictive. I cannot help but think of that Lay’s Potato Chip commercial from years ago: “Bet you cannot eat just one.”
2. The ability to break free from bad food habits is also mainly physical. By adjusting my overall diet and exercise program I can keep my blood sugar at an even keel and then my appetite-controlling hormones can work for me instead of against me.

By being balance physically, changing my way to eat becomes easier. Instead of struggling to summon up enough willpower to force myself to change, an easier way is to make myself more physically resilient to food cravings.

It is time for me to say enough is enough. Food is not my enemy; it should nourish me and give me pleasure. I need to stop eating those seductive foods that seem to call out to me.

This book, Breaking the Food Seduction, by Neal Barnard, M.D., has 7 steps to build that physical resilience against food cravings and unhealthy food habits:

1. Plan breakfast to block cravings and snacking later in the day.
2. Choose foods that hold blood sugar steady.
3. Make sure the natural appetite-taming hormone, leptin, is working to it; maximum extent
4. Break out of the craving cycles that happen daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly, (such as hormonal changes, changes in darkness of winter, stress from work, etc.)
5. Use exercise and rest to restore natural diurnal rhythm.
6. Look at my social life and see if that has any effect on bad eating habits
7. Find extra motivators to strengthen my resolve.

And so, another journey begins. I know there is something to this because, in the past, whenever I stayed with my eating plan and made sure I ate the foods that nourished me rather than seduced me, I felt so much stronger to resist the temptations when they seemed to call out to me.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Finding our triggers is very important. Great list.
    502 days ago
    I like the 7 steps he outlines. Avoiding "food" traps is essential if we want to be healthy but being constantly vigilant can be tiring unless we can keep our goal in sight. Looking forward to your blogs as you read through. I also recommend Greger's "How Not to Die".
    503 days ago
    Almost the only packaged food I buy any more is from either Engine 2 or PlantPure. I do buy almond milk, unsweetened, and frozen veggies, but the only ingredient in the veggies is the veggies, no salt or anything else. Helps keep the food waste down.
    503 days ago
    Most foods are health hazards
    503 days ago
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