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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Spark People is such a wonderful thing! Just posting that blog yesterday, about how I needed to re-boot myself, generated just the right amount of positive encouragement and support - thank you so much, Spark Friends!

Today when I woke up, I checked the time (6am) and decided I wasn't ready to get up, and I felt a bit down, so I drifted back to sleep for an hour or so. Not the best thing to do - but I gave myself permission.

When I did get up and stood on the scales - the number was down which gave me encouragement too. I can't say I was 'excited' but I did feel more optimistic about the day ahead.
I went out and bough only healthy foods at the shop - and had a nice exchange with the woman on the check-out about the gluten-free noodles I'd purchased.

I also had a good encounter with two local police officers about homelessness. There was a 'camp' created in the doorway of a disused shop and it's being removed today, and the area fenced off. They were very compassionate about the homeless guys drinking - saying that if they had nothing else in their life, they'd be bombed out of their heads all the time too! And I can see the truth in that.

I did a good yoga workout - I've started going to an Iyengar yoga class and it's much 'harder' than yoga I've done before - it feels very beneficial.

And I managed to make myself a green tea with mint for my mid-morning cuppa, instead of another coffee.

Small things.
Add up to big results.

I'm at work later, so I've got time to do my house-cleaning task for today before I go. And, for a 'reward' I will do some puzzles on the 'puzzler' app I've downloaded. I've always been a bit afraid of apps - they seem to be rather intrusive.

But I'm getting the hang of it, and starting to lose my fear of everything syncing up together - I just downloaded a local bus app where I bought a bundle of day tickets which are MUCH cheaper than buying them on the bus. So, I have 5 days out on the bus paid for in advance which I can use whenever I want - they are valid for three months.

However, I have failed to find out how to answer my new phone - I can't seem to do it and keep cutting people off! I'll google it now - got to crack this one! I would think I just have to press the 'green' telephone icon........... maybe I'm not pressing it right!
I've put my 'relaxation' CD on!
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