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November 10th

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Woo Hoo..winter is blowing out there! Today was warm and pleasant day. I was out there in my shirt sleeves doing chores and getting things set up for the coming storms. I don't know how much snow we will get but the temps are to be harsh!
Furnace lit..and working..so should rest better tonight. Was so cold last nite I kept waking..but no way I was going to try to lite a furnace in the middle of the night half awake!!
Extra wood in ..and ready to keep house warm.
Critters got extra rations this PM...for energy to keep them warm. Don Q has a blanket since he is to think coated. Chickens buddy up , fluff up their feathers to twice their normal size and are snug. Rabbits got fresh nest materials and geese and ducks like it to be cold. Poor lil Duck Duck ( my confused duck that thinks he is a goose!)..Last year in a big snow, the big birds had packed the snow down and were keeping their feet warm. He is so light that it wouldn't pack for him so his lil feet were in the freezing snow! I noticed when I went out to feed and just chased them all back into the goose pen where there was some dry land for him to stand on. It is so funny to watch him keep up with the geese. These are fairly good sized geese and he just trucks along beside them thinking he is as big as they are!
Time to let the pups out..then tuck us all in our cozy beds...good nite and Good Sunday to all.
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