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Saturday, November 10, 2018

So this week, I wanted to start a new2me routine after meals - to help me now and to help my future self live a better quality, healthier life. A tip in a Diabetes Prevention magazine said that exercise for 10 minutes, such as brisk walking, right after meals can help keep our blood sugar hikes & spikes lower from eating carbs. This might even be more effective than our other intentional exercise and functional movement.

Studies have shown that a mix of cardio and strength training exercises/sessions can help reduce blood sugar... and have a carry-forward effect for a day or 2. The exciting news is that the 10 mins right after meals can have a significant immediate and direct impact on our hikes and spikes after eating. How awesome is that???

emoticon So, why then would I rather sit and relax after meals instead of get up and walk? Why is my inner 2 year old child fighting and resisting making this change, for crying out loud. The change will help me and my future self... and I don't wannnnaaaaa…..

ever had a 2 year old pitch a hissy fit because they don't wanna stop having fun at a park or carnival or bike ride??? Yeah, I'm like that... I love eating. I love sitting around yakking and I don't wanna change!!! There, I said it!!! LOL

Ok, now that I have expressed the "don't wanna" resistance I am feeling, I can now say to my inner 2 year old child... Ok, so you don't wanna, that is ok. It is a normal feeling... but... moving/walking/exercising after a meal will help you feel better... kinda like brushing your teeth, doing the dishes, washing laundry...

NOT doing these things makes it worse. Which do you want more??? So, we learn to do these things to make our life better... and if we don't fight it... if we release the old, if we embrace the change, put on our smile, maybe some music, decide to enjoy it, appreciate the new benefits of doing these things... life will be easier, better, happier...

nods... yes, I want that.

emoticon It occurs to me dear self that I have a lot of old fatitudes, attitudes and reasons I liked to be fat... I could eat what/as much as I wanted and more... I could play, sleep in, indulge... and there are other consequences... as I get fatter and can't do as much, maybe I rely on other people for things... but maybe if I release the overeating, lose the weight, I will be able to do the other things easier, better, for myself...

emoticon my hopes and dreams
-- feel better physically, be able to get up, move, do things, more, longer, harder
-- keep up better and spend time with family, friends, furbabies
-- clip my own toenails.... honestly I don't want anyone clipping my toenails! Is that enough to walk away from pie?

OMG! I love pie!
Without Pie, I think I'll die

and this is Pie season...
maybe I'll enjoy a piece of pie instead of 6 whole pies this year!
afterall, I can choose to make or buy more pie any time I want...
perhaps I don't want pie at all
perhaps I want to ride an old wood roller coaster someday that I can't fit in now

Dear future self...

Remember what it is like to hobble, to moan vocally even when you don't want to moan because of the pain related to being overweight. Remember when you watched life other people lived - from behind the window... on the tv, in videos and wished you could too... Don't go back. Keep looking forward, keep trying, keep doing what you can. What you do and eat today will help all your tomorrows. You, your desires matter - so embrace what can be... enjoy the journey, plan for tomorrow and keep on truckin' on! You got this! It is all worth it :)

my vision collage - my hows & whys

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Oh Jules, what would we do without our 2 year old self throwing those tantrums? Sometimes I get so mad at myself when I am having that argument with the toddler. I sometimes just say - grow up. (btw, that doesn't work) LOL.
    I read a statement yesterday that made me stop and think. This person had written - I wish everything was as easy as getting fat. It kind of felt like a slap across the face, you know, that sting because it felt so true. But then, of course, my logical mind clicked in and started thinking about how hard it is living in a constant state of being too tired, feeling too cumbersome to move, being worried about heart disease, diabetes, etc.
    And I went on to that place where you were about riding roller coasters, etc. There is so much that we limit ourselves by not gently pushing that 2 year old past the tantrum. Love, love, love your WHYS. emoticon emoticon
    9 days ago
    Decide to enjoy... I like that idea. Keep looking forward. emoticon
    You're future looks bright.
    9 days ago
    Yes, that little kid is driving me NUTS! emoticon But you mention an important point: WHICH do you want MORE? emoticon Lovely blog! emoticon Glad you have a nice plan in place. emoticon Keep on Sparking!
    10 days ago
    Love it! You are such a great writer!

    PS. Have you considered not telling your inner 2-year-old? emoticon
    10 days ago
    Great blog!
    10 days ago
    Fantastic blog! Thanks!
    10 days ago
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