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30 Days of Gratitude Challenge 2018: Day 10 - Gratitude Musings

Saturday, November 10, 2018

On a scale of one to ten, where would you rank gratitude? That’s something I’ll bet you have never considered before. I want you to pause for a moment, and give it your full attention and then your ranking. We have been thinking and discussing the aspect of gratitude and with the goal of living a more abundant life, and so I decided to do just that. How often do you sit down and contemplate something like this?

I think I would rate it at the number two spot, right after love. I say this because love is the most important thing of all, and without it none of us would be here. Once we acknowledge that, then we should automatically feel grateful to the feeling of love, the endearing love, and the outward demonstration of that very love that brought each one of us into this world, and right to this very moment.

I’m beginning to see that grateful people share some common characteristics:

They don’t feel lack or deprivation in their lives because they are always searching and finding all of the good. Because of this, they are able to see the abundance - all the little bits and pieces of it - they are able to separate the wheat from the chaff.

They appreciate the simple things in life, and don’t feel the need for more, or to accumulate “stuff”, or more of “this or that” to be happier. I surmise that this is a direct result of the above.

They are thankful for the people they know - friends and family, for what each contributes to their overall well-being. They acknowledge that it is because of the others that they are happy and healthy.

They are aware of the fact that their abundance is indeed the reason they are happy, and they tend to experience and express it more.

These four things seem to be a recurring theme, and when I pause to reflect on them, I realize that there is indeed truth to these characteristics, and when I pause to think and reflect on the most grateful people in my life, I realize that they epitomize these traits.

I can see myself moving more and more toward waiting, watching, and seeing. I am nurturing and enhancing these characteristics in myself through this daily challenge. These are the very traits I am seeking to embody. I have noticed that I am aware of them more so than I previously have been.

Walk through today grateful for the shoes you are walking in, and even the air that you are breathing as you read this. With your mind set on clearly and intentionally noticing these things, you will notice more of the microscopic things that God and the universe are blessing you with. Nothing is too big or small to be grateful for. Be prepared to be attuned to life in a new and wonderful way!

So, now that you have given this some serious thought, what ranking did you initially give gratitude? Would you please share it in your comments?

Thank you for stopping by, and have a great-full day!
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