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Saturday Sickness

Saturday, November 10, 2018

I knew it was too good to last. That streak of decent exercise and eating. Almost getting enough sleep and just feeling good. Until last Monday. When you wake up and think to yourself "I feel sort of off" but head to work because you're not rich and have to. That feeling that happens as the day wears on and you have no energy (not good when you're a nurse) and a tiny bit achy. Counting the hours until your shift ends and you can just go home and sit. Then Tuesday, same feeling but heavier. Sort of on the warm side, but no fever. Achy still. And just blah. Another day at work but by end of shift, dragging your ass, scratching throat. Is it sore? Or is it scratchy. And then, just like someone sneaks up behind you and slams you in the back of the head BOOM! You suddenly can't breath, you're sneezing, have a headache, cough, sore ears. The whole 9 yards. I prefer the slow and steady death cold over this. So, I ended up missing 2 days of work (not good). I'm sure my manager will give me the stink eye when I'm back at work next week. Wondering why I can't get sick on my week off but I CAN get sick on the week I work. I'll have to have a serious discussion with my germs and my body and tell them to get their act together. Today, I am upright, sitting here at the computer, catching up with a bazillion emails. And knowing I need to venture out into sub freezing temperatures because I have errands to run that I can't put off for another day. Maybe tomorrow, I'll get a small short workout in. Maybe.
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