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Mizunderstood: Rant

Saturday, November 10, 2018

I'm an Instagram Junkie. I love it. It's the one place, like Spark, that I can discuss or show my little mundane life and everyone is okay with it because they're showing off theirs. Okay, so there's a lot of trollers who try to get you to their sites or spam or whatever. I get that. But, overall as far as people are concerned; here and IG just feel safer from "people". Especially those we KNOW. LOL

My account isn't on private. Maybe after my birthday episode, it should be. As I've mentioned last blog, it's been ten years on this journey. Ten. I come from big people. I get a lot is genetics. But, for health reasons I try. On my birthday I noticed a comment from someone that, I guess thought they were being funny. It was a picture of me doing yoga poses and the caption was "I am still here haven't given up yet" And their comment was "Well, if you eat like cows eat, just sayin'" Another comment on an exercise post was "look at your fur baby, it says to stop!"

Now, I'm not sure what the cows comment was supposed to mean. My vegetarianism? I look like a cow? I don't know. I showed the comments to a few other close people and they replied "OMGosh they had to have been hacked that's so rude"

So I asked them. "Got an IG account did ya? you make some comments?" to which their reply was "yes"

I explained that I had hoped they said they were hacked because these were some rude comments (especially for being their FIRST comments on IG) and if I wanted that kind of abuse I would post on Facebook. She replied "exercise is a dirty word!!"

**cricket cricket**

So I blocked them on IG....to which they finally replied

"hey I was just kidding, you look fine"

That's it. No apologies. No explanation other than the "exercise is a dirty word" **eye roll**

Anyway, I get she thought she was being funny and NORMALLY I have a great sense of humor. But, not here. Not about this. Not today. LOL

I gotta tell you though. It stirred up some stuff. Like, I took a pic of my sandwich...and my fitness t-shirt, AND my dog.....and I hesitated.

Then I thought of all the times I was criticized by this person. How I grew up fearing this person. How they don't even know my daughter's other than Facebook. How they never call. How I hear rumors from my other family members that this person has told them....

Then I posted all three of them suckers.

and it felt good.

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