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A warm house and a cozy bed, never take it for granted.

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Saturday, November 10, 2018

Can you imagine living like this? I live in Minnesota, a cold Northern state and this is what I see every morning when I go to work and every afternoon as I leave work. There is a huge homeless population of over 300 people, including children living in tents along a major road close to the hospital I work at. There was talk of homing all of these people by the end of September, but it didn't work out, and now the tent community keeps growing. Safety in numbers, and they have brought in port a potties and portable drinking water for this community.
I pray for all of these people each day, and all of the other homeless people that are living on the streets each day, and hopefully finding a warm shelter every night.

It makes me grateful every single day to have a warm house to go home to each day. To have a soft bed to crawl into at the end of my long days. To go to my kitchen and find plenty of healthy food to choose from when I am hungry. It makes me appreciate the little things that I have and to be grateful for things that many of us take for granted each day.
I don't know their stories, I have not walked in their shoes, I don't know the addictions that many of them are dealing with. I just pray that there will be a solution for this tent community before we hit the minus 0 temps. If you pray, please add your prayers to mine to get these people homed soon.
And lastly, please take a moment to look around at all you have, regardless of how big or small, and realize how lucky you are compared to others.
Have a great Saturday and keep on doing your best to be the best that you can be.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    After hurricane Michael we have a large tent city in PC. Thank goodness no snow but it has been cold and rainy
    418 days ago
  • JAJABEE1717
    As part of the Lions Club I've been able to offer a little help to those without a home. One couple had been taking turns sleeping in a dog house. We were able to provide them with a used trailer, help to rehab it and furnish it. It remains in my memory as one of the most touching projects we've achieved.

    It is so important to have gratitude in our hearts for what we have (or in the case of misery, what we don't have). Thanks for this warmfelt blog.
    436 days ago
  • no profile photo INCH_BY_INCH
    emoticon emoticon
    455 days ago
  • no profile photo CD23804379
    Thank you.
    461 days ago
    It's so sad. We saw many homeless in every city we went to this summer. A warm cozy house is indeed a blessing. Hugs!
    462 days ago
    Greenville rescued people who were living in Tents by our River. The rains came, the River overflowed ...they were washed away. Luckily, rescued.
    463 days ago
    Praying for warm meals, warm hearts and open arms for all. emoticon emoticon
    465 days ago
    Thanks for the eye-opener!
    466 days ago
    You have reminded me of a promise I made... that if I could get the money I would help fund housing for our homeless here in my town. We have probably at least 100 but there are more because some have been on the street for over 30 days (the point at which the Salvation Army puts them out). a few come to our church Wednesday and Sunday evening to get a meal. There are many slipping through the cracks and gulfs in resource discrepancy by town availability. Then there are the ones who will not go to another town even if we can get them to a long term shelter-- this is home to them. I walk everywhere since I am without a car. I feel the cold already in the early mornings and realize that the Salvation army put its guests out on the street at 7 am in this weather without the ability to return until 6 pm. The library in town is gracious and lets many stay the day inside when it is open. But we need better ways to help those who are in hard times.
    emoticon for this blog emoticon
    467 days ago
  • no profile photo CHAYOR73
    And we are the Land Of the Opportunity??? This should NOT be!! Many prayers !!
    468 days ago
    I knew in my heart when the town of Paradise (the campfire fire) was engulfed in flames, that our son's and families home would be lost. Got word this morning that it was. We can never take our blessings for granted.
    468 days ago
    We are all so blessed....even when it is raining and we have our problems! There are still so many blessings!!
    468 days ago
    You are so right; we have a lot to be thankful for. I look at my beautiful big home everyday and I am so thankful for what my husband and I have accomplished!!! I look at the homeless and I, too, pray for them. I pray for the people who have lost their homes in California too!!! God bless us all!!!!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    468 days ago
    I will add this to my prayer list.
    468 days ago
    What a powerful picture, and so sad! You are right that most of us have so much to be thankful for.
    468 days ago

    Thank you for the reminder to pray for the homeless and get them proper shelter. I pray every day and sometimes I know who I am praying for and sometimes I don't but anyone who is in need of proper shelter to get them out of the cold or the heat will be on my prayer list daily and I know that God hears all prayers and He will act in His timing and not a moment before.

    Again, Holly, thank you!!!!


    - Nancy Jean -
    469 days ago
    So sad. I will pray for all homeless people. Yesterday, a homeless man
    tried to stop a terrorist in Melbourne. He was wheeling a shopping trolley
    and without thought for his safety, ran with the trolley to stop the terrorist
    who was trying to get away from police. The brave homeless was knocked over
    but he helped the police get the momentum to catch him. A true hero.

    I agree Holly. We should look at what we have and always be grateful for what
    we have. I see a lot of homeless and mothers escaping domestic violence
    who are living out of a car with their children. I cannot imagine what it is like.
    469 days ago
    Thank you for showing how lucky we are having a cozy bed & a warm house what on earth is happening in US to have tent cities!!!!!!! Sorry I come from a Sh******* country so we can have it but here praying for all
    469 days ago
    469 days ago
    Thank you for reminding me that there's always someone worse off than you are, my prayers are with all! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    469 days ago
    Such a social problem everywhere.
    469 days ago
  • LORI-K
    So sad. I agree with feeling thankful for the little things we don't think twice about....electricity, running water, heat. I try to be grateful for it every day.
    Thank you for sharing and for bringing awareness.

    469 days ago
  • FRAN0426
    Our son has told us about this tent city in the twin cities. so hard especially now that it has gotten so cold, and winter weather is already in Minnesota. If we have a home with heat, food in our home, running water--hot and cold we should be so appreciative. I too will say prayers for all that find themselves in this situation.
    469 days ago
    Thank you for this :) emoticon emoticon
    469 days ago
    i will pray with you i work with a temp agency and a lot of the young kids dont have the money to buy lunch every day it does make you think how lucky we are, hugs
    469 days ago
    It is a problem in Windsor (Ontario) too. It could happen to any of us. Yes, we can be thankful for warm homes and comfortable beds.
    469 days ago
    ...and here too. Am truly thankful for my many blessings.
    469 days ago
    My heart breaks for these people living in a way that is impossible for me to imagine. Some days, when I am frustrated because my house needs this or that I think "but I have a home that is warm, plenty of hot water whenever I need it, and there is always enough food in my kitchen."
    469 days ago
    Yes! I love my bed, too! & true we do not know their stories, (I have been homeless for about 6 months, when I was a young adult). It is hard for ALL of us. We ARE a community in the world & how can we help???? Sending prayers, help, for sure. I was giving away so much, I couldn't pay my bills! I have stopped that. There are several organizations in our town, about 300,000, (that's right) that are homeless. I donate to them. Knowing the money goes to help, all of them. emoticon
    469 days ago
    There is so much of this going on these days and it is so sad! It could happen to any of us!!! It could be from spending too much money on things we don't need or a sudden illness that insurance won't cover! I read somewhere not long ago that many people go bankrupt over medical bills. They lose there homes in order to pay for them. Or like you said it could be an addiction - maybe drugs got them there. I shudder to think of what could happen to them in the cold of winter. I tear up when I see ones on the side of the road with signs saying I am homeless or feed my children. I always wonder if it is true or are they just needing money for drugs.
    I count my blessings everyday on what I do have and I sure do hope that these and others out there get the help they need. Sometimes we can go to the homeless shelters they do have in our cities and contribute to them-whether it be with food, money or clothes. Thanks for your kind blog.
    You're the emoticon emoticon emoticon
    469 days ago
    My heart aches for them.
    Thank you for the reminder.
    470 days ago
    Yes, very heart breaking. We have so many homeless in Ohio to.Pray for them all the time. I give out food, hugs and talk to them as much as I can. I at times feel guilty at the comforts I have, that would be a leisure for them. A hot shower, a hot cup of coffee, etc.. Count my everyday Blessings no matter how big or small. I too have friends and family that are homeless, so this is a huge subject close to my heart. Pray for them, for the .power of prayer is powerful.
    470 days ago
  • KR7770
    The best way we, as believers, can help is to pray to God for His wisdom in getting to the root source of this problem that appears to be worldwide and then help to solve the cause (Philippians 4:19).
    470 days ago
    O my gosh this would be a hard thing to see everyday! Praying for all of the homeless people everywhere!!!
    470 days ago
    Oh my. Such a poignant blog. Heartbreaking.

    470 days ago
    It breaks my heart, and yet, my personal security trumps helping others I don't know at times. Example: the other day when I went to walk my niece's dog, in a mixed neighborhood, where I don't know her neighbors... a bearded man came up and knocked on my car window in the cold and windy day. "I need a ride downtown" he said... I shook my head and said "Sorry"... and drove away feeling like the Pharisee that passed by on the other side in the Good Samaritan story from the Bible.

    This is the one time I wish I were young, male, and strong, like my son, who feels free to share his lunch with the homeless, or stop when there's someone sitting on the curb in need of help. He is not afraid for his own safety, confident in his physical capabilities (and probably confident of his concealed carry permit, too). But to be honest... I wonder if I'd help HIM if he were in need and I didn't know him personally, fearful for my own security just based on looks.

    Prayers, for sure, but more than prayers are needed, and I feel badly that I cannot do it all. I donate financially to organizations that help, and am grateful for my own blessings of a warm home and bed, too. I am grateful for those who are able to help more than I personally can. And I am grateful that my son grew into the kind of man who *does* this kind of one on one help.
    470 days ago
    You are such a beautiful friend. I'm so blessed to be your friend. emoticon emoticon
    I will pray for them.
    Thank you,
    470 days ago
    For many, this is a result of the choices they have made. It's the children who cause me great concern. As a special ed teacher, I've had several of these children in my classes over the years. How do you teach a young child to learn to read or calculate math problems when their focus is on the life they are forced to live. For many of those students, the only hot meals they had were school breakfast and lunch. Most schools in our area now have a Backpack Program, these sends home food packages with the kids on Friday so they have food for the weekend. Cynical, I suppose, but I always wonder if the kiddos really get to eat of the food.

    My heart and my prayers go out to anyone who is forced to live this way. I am grateful every day for the blessings in my life and the ability to make good choices.

    470 days ago
    Indeed we are blessed. First time I really saw the plight of homeless was in DC at the Mall where a man searched a trash container. He took out a partially eaten bag of popcorn. He opened it and began eating.
    470 days ago
  • no profile photo CD23741364
    We have them here also, and people sleeping over grates in the downtown streets of Toronto. You are so right, we don’t know their stories, and I think there are many people with low income jobs and without benefits, who could be one pay check away from living on the streets.....so important not to judge.
    Terrible things also happen in the shelters, and there are many reasons they are not used.
    I also feel so grateful for the life I have had, and have now.
    470 days ago
    People sleep near Atlanta too, under bridges! I remember seeing street people in Miami too. Our church used to bag a bagel, a chunk of cheese and an apple or an orange. A van would drive through their area and hand out a bag per person.
    I read about a city (don’t remember which) who was building a tiny house village for the street people.
    I will emoticon pray as well as offer thanksgiving for my many blessings. emoticon
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    470 days ago
    So sad, we don’t have a lot of worldly possessions, but we are blessed immensely. We need to do all we can for the less fortunate, as they are our brothers and sisters.
    470 days ago
  • no profile photo CD22518161

    Yes, Ma'am, I pray for those people too. So many of them on the streets of New York, some of them don't even have shoes on their feet.
    470 days ago
    It is truly sad that there are people living in these conditions. There are tent cities here in the Cincinnati area as well.
    I am grateful that I have the comforts I have and I don't ever want to take that for granted.
    Thanks for the reminder to be appreciative of what we have.

    You have a wonderful weekend Holly!

    470 days ago
    Definitely grateful for a warm home, family, healthy food. Prayers for those enduring life on the streets. So many ARE dealing w/addictions. I had a cousin (now deceased) 2 yrs. older than me. She had bi-polar disease. She'd be all right on her med, but then as soon as she went off of them, she was not lucid and clear thinking. She was homeless and on the streets a lot. **SIGH** But she didn't want help, either. That was the saddest part. I know it was the disease, unfortunately.

    Anyhow, many prayers for those struggling.
    470 days ago
    We have "tent cities" here also. And it is a cold winter in Ontario! Sadly, there are numerous resources available and people do not utilize them. It is a truly sad situation. And yes we are blessed and thankful for our warm house!
    470 days ago
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