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Marty's Adventures (Again)

Friday, November 09, 2018

I posted a blog about my little cat, Marty, a couple of months ago, and about his health adventures, and I thought I would update everyone on how he's doing.

Marty has a lot of health problems. He has diabetes and irritable bowel syndrome. His diabetes has been causing us trouble the last couple of months. He developed hypoglycemia back in August and had to be rushed to the emergency hospital. He stayed at the vet's for a day and a half, receiving IV glucose and fluids to stabilize him. It was very scary! When I first saw he was in trouble, I thought he'd had a stoke because he couldn't use his back legs, but it turned out to be hypoglycemia. He recovered, and the vet and I have been working on getting his blood sugar under control. He's only getting 1/2 unit of insulin once per day, which is a huge drop from the 3 units twice per day he was getting before. I finally broke down and bought a pet glucometer so that I could test his blood sugar at home. It's tricky testing a cat because he doesn't understand why I'm poking his paw to get blood, and he tends to bite me. But, his blood sugar has been very stable the last 2-3 weeks, so I'm hoping he'll stay stable for a couple of months.

The scary thing that happened this week is that he developed pancreatitis, a complication of his IBD. He has not had gastrointestinal problems in about 5 or 6 years, so it wasn't something I was looking for. I had noticed that he wasn't eating, and I thought that maybe he had an abscess in his mouth or had cracked a tooth or something like that. I was truly surprised when the vet called and said he had pancreatitis and that his abdomen and colon were full of gas (very painful sounding!). But, there's good news! His vet, Dr. Fine, gave him a bevy of injections to help him, including an antibiotic, a steroid, an anti-gas, and vitamin B-12. We're not sure which of those helped him, but within about 3 hours he was doing fine and eating again. He didn't even need to go to the emergency hospital overnight Wednesday and came home. He spent Thursday at the vets being observed and getting IV fluids because he was still dehydrated. He's home today and doing really well. The B-12 shot has kicked in and he's super hungry which is a great sign. He lost a full pound during this illness and is down to 5 lbs. I'm feeding him wet food every 3 hours in the hopes that he will gain some weight back. He's also getting dry food twice per day. The other two cats are supremely jealous of all the wet food he's getting. Must be kitty heaven! He has several pills to take per day now, but he's very good about taking pills.

So things are good now. I'm grateful for the thoughts and prayers of my friends both in-person and online for Marty. It's always scary when he lands at the vets, but I'm so glad that we had a quick solution.

Tang (the orange one) with Marty all snuggled on the couch.
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