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Feeling agitated... finding solutions

Wednesday, November 07, 2018

I am not ready for the full brunt of Winter to hit us... we are supposed to get snow Saturday-Wednesday. Not just snow, but lake effect snow. (The National Weather Service has decided that the phrase “lake effect” is too “confusing”, so they are dropping it from their weather advisories... for those of us who live along the Great Lakes, this is a very useful term, and it describes a particular type of snow event... do they think by erasing the term, that they can stop the weather from happening or something? Or do they think we are stupid? Sorry, this just yanks my chain!). The NWS May have dropped the term lake effect, but it seems like the majority of local meteorologists are holding onto it, perhaps out of a sense of community, and accuracy... most of them live here and have to drive to and from work in that lake effect snow! I am bummed tonight... political stuff... (not going into specifics.). I am trying to mitigate my blue mood with music, but it’s not working really well. I might bop down to the basement workout room and get on the bike, with my music blaring on my headphones and crank out some miles. Debating taking one of my total escapist romance novels with me... so that once I have blown off the worst of the angst, I can settle into a long distance cadence and read something where I am guaranteed a happy outcome... it will annoy the Cooper-dog if I am gone that long, but he will sleep through the majority of my absence (as far as I know)... right now he is curled up against my hip, all bundled up in his blankie. It’s kind of like having a furry, breathing, hot water bottle... lol I think that’s a plan. I need to get out of my own head, and exercise and music are my main choices... I hope y’all have a great day!!
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