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November Goals!

Monday, November 05, 2018

At the end of October, my weight was status quo. I began the month at 165.4 and ended the same. I dropped a pound and a half and gained it back. On the upside, I lost an inch from my waist since the last time I measured and am still down 5 pounds from my starting point.

That’s the basic data. Beyond weight, I tracked everything – food, how many days I exercised, how many days I practiced my various Beck strategies. Here is how I did in meeting my October goals:

1. PLANNING AND CONSUMPTION: I will plan and track my calories every day, aiming to keep my calories below 1450 5 days a week, allowing a little more (1550) on weekends.

RESULT: I stayed on track 21 out of 31 days. My hope was to be more consistent on a daily basis, and I don’t think I was. It was a challenge because I was travelling for work at least 6 days and spent a weekend with family. I also didn’t stick with the 1450 calorie daily goal, but instead the higher 1550 limit. However, when I look at my caloric differential report, I see that my average consumption was 1555, so on average, I met my goal. Yay me! My exercise was ok, but still I didn’t lose weight, so I think I need to stick with the lower calorie goal.

2. EXERCISE: I will continue to work out with my trainer twice a week (see exception below) and do yoga once a week. My goal is to do cardio 3 times a week in some form. I also want to stretch every day.

RESULT: I worked out twice a week with my trainer except when I was travelling – yay me! And I worked out 21 out of 24 planned days. I struggled with getting exercise in when travelling and as well on some weekday mornings. I didn’t track stretching, probably because my neck has been feeling better.

3. DEAL SUCCESSFULLY WITH WORK TRAVEL: I have to travel twice this month for work, once for 2 days, the other time for 4 days. In the past, this has often been a huge downfall because I get stressed out and start to feel like I deserve to splurge because everyone else is, or I'm tired or working too hard or need comfort. This time, I want to be able to stick to my plan, eat healthy food and not give in to all of the temptations I KNOW will confront me. To do that, I will continue to read my Beck advantages and response cards, plan healthy snacks, remind myself to make healthy choices at meals and be sure to build in time for meditation and exercise.

RESULT: I was able to stick with my plan and stay under my calorie goal for 3 of the 6 days by using my Beck strategies (setting a plan, reading my cards, using my resistance strategies, etc). But I ate pretty healthy and when I went over, I didn’t go over by huge amounts. I felt really good the days I was able to stay on track, because I was able to resist massive temptation.

4. BECK TREK: I’m reading the Beck Pink book again with the Beck team, going through day by day, which will take us to the middle of November (good timing - we'll be tuned up and ready for the holidays!).

RESULT: I’ve stuck with the team for the most part, and it has been helpful. I remember to give myself credit, eat slowly and mindfully and use my anti-craving strategies to resist eating things that are not on my plan. I was not perfect, but I was able to reduce my average consumption to meet my goal. Also, I haven’t binged since I started reading with the group. The group has helped me be accountable, which is a huge plus. Thank you, Beck team!

Looking at my October results, I am tweaking my plan for November.

1. PLANNING AND CONSUMPTION: I will plan and track every day. This month, I will stick to the 1400 calorie limit on weekdays, allowing myself 1550 calories on Saturday and Sunday (with the exception below). I tried this last month, but quickly gave in to sabotaging thought that the higher level was ok. Clearly it wasn’t, since my average consumption was 1550 and I didn’t lose weight. This time, I will stick with the number I believe will work, allowing myself a little extra on the weekends so I don’t feel deprived.

2. EXERCISE: I’ll continue to work out twice a week with my trainer (she is awesome!). I will also do cardio – any kind – three times a week and yoga on Monday morning. I will read my Beck card on exercise every day, reminding myself that skipping it is not an option. I’ll also be sure to get enough sleep, so it is easier to get up in the morning and work out. Last month I started strong, but lost momentum during the weeks when I travelled. Hopefully, doing these things will help keep me on track.

3. HAVE A SUCCESSFUL HOLIDAY STRATEGY: For Thanksgiving, I will allow myself 300 extra calories, making a plan and sticking to it. On the other days of the weekend, I will stick to my regular goals, reminding myself how good I will feel if I stick to my plan and don’t overeat. I will exercise regularly and remember to put myself first – I deserve this! I’ll read my Beck response and advantages card every day. My husband, son and daughter in law are driving to Canada to visit my mom, and I am looking forward to being with family. There is one family member who can be a challenge, but I will use my problem-solving strategies to deal with any stress that arises, and not let emotions throw me off track.

4. BECK READING: I will finish the Beck book with the team and continue to read my cards and check in with the team daily. Such a great group of people, supportive and helpful. Thank you, team!

That’s the plan. I will be back at the beginning of December with a good report!

Wishing my friends and all Sparkers success in all your endeavors!
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