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What the heck IS “happiness”?

Monday, November 05, 2018

Dovetailing with yesterday’s blog... I have been thinking about the “positive” emotions like happiness. But “happiness” is so overused as to become a bland word. There are definitely more descriptive words. And besides, what I think of as happiness is really more of an amorphous, almost unachievable goal that always remains out of reach. If I expected to ALWAYS be happy then I would be destined for disappointment. But moments of joy are attainable. As are ones of satisfaction, bliss, triumph, pride, pleasure, enjoyment... there are so many levels and forms of “happiness”! Finding the words to accurately describe my “happinesses” (lol) helps me to understand what I am actually feeling, the depth of the emotion, and even how to recreate the circumstances that brought me to that state. Sure, there’s darkness in the world, and in my life, but it makes me so much more appreciative of the moments of lightness, of joy. Some might take exception to pride being a positive descriptor... but the way I see it I felt pride when I had lost the weight... it felt good to feel pride in a simple (well, maybe not that simple) accomplishment. That pride was an indicator of a positive experience in my life. Isn’t that what emotions are about? As indicators (positive or negative) of things that are happening or have happened in our lives.., so that we can either recreate the circumstances if it was positive, or learn to avoid or adapt the circumstances if it was negative? Emotions are not hard facts about the world, that’s not what I am saying... but they are part of us from feelings of joy or pride, to gut instincts that warn us from a certain situation... Anyways... I am optimistic today that it will be a day of gladness and amusement. I hope y’all have a great day...
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    Joyce Meyer said something years ago that I think of all the time, and it seems so appropriate here.
    She says that "happiness is about happenings" but that joy is something you can experience regardless
    of what happens. So my directive is to focus on joy.

    I enjoy reading your thoughts, thank you!!

    163 days ago
  • _CYNDY55_
    165 days ago
    I find great happiness in our sparkling friendship! I know that you are wise and wonderful and I feel so happy when you share your Cooper dog and have a good day. I'm truly in AWE of your journey through such a huge weight loss. We always feel better about ourselves when we are a healthy weight for our body frame.

    I do hate the fact that our society is so fixated on what people look like. I remember a dream about our Josh and the message he shared after he died. He said "You know mommmers, I like it here better than down there on Earth. Here, people cannot fool you by what they look like or how much money they have. Here you see people from the INSIDE out...your wealth is the good deeds you do for others."

    Isn't it wonderful to think there is a realm coming where you are lauded for being good...what a relief to know that!

    Wow....I just LOVE the thought of that! All of these phony baloney ladies I hung with for so many years that think everything in LIFE is how you look and how much money you have. They will get a rude awakening when they meet the next level and account for the pain they caused through their superficiality.
    166 days ago
    I just try to remain content... It's a resting form of happiness. :)
    166 days ago
    Well thought out and interesting .
    167 days ago
    I equate my genuine happiness with being content.
    167 days ago
  • KATIE5668
    Once again thank you for a thoughtful , well put blog..
    Happiness is I believe a process of living in the moment.
    We tend to lose that as we grow to maturity. Kids know the secret..dogs and other critters as well.
    Just soaking up the moment with no thought forward or back.

    I also read once...Happiness is not a destination it is the journey.

    167 days ago
    May we immerse ourselves into each moment of joy!
    167 days ago
    I remember having conversations about "happiness" and how it's over-rated - meaning all what you are sharing, that there are so many other ways to express how one feels without having to say "happy." And those words mean "more" than the generalized happy. Thank-you for sharing your insight and thoughts.
    167 days ago
    I like your perspective.
    167 days ago
  • DESIREE672
    “Happiness” has a permanent feel about it, whereas the other good things sound like they come and go - which they do.
    167 days ago
  • MBPP50
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    167 days ago
    167 days ago
    167 days ago
    Interesting thoughts!!
    167 days ago
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