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The perils of eating out with friends

Sunday, November 04, 2018

It’s certainly a fun way of socializing with a group of friends, and with a large group, it’s fairly easy to eat only a little inconspicuously, but it’s not so easy with a smaller group.

One way to deal with the situation is to relax and eat somewhat more than normal, and make up for it later. I knew someone who was super slim and fit, and people who knew her well said she ate like a bird at home, but when you were out with her, she ate the same as everyone else. I wondered whether her motivation was not to let her normal way of eating impose itself on other people.

Eating somewhat more than usual is the method I prefer, but mainly so I can relax and enjoy myself. The trouble is, making up for it later is easier said than done, and in the last three weeks, I’ve eaten out with friends twice and I’ve now hit the overweight boundary - BMI 25.

Another way to deal with this would be to get my usual weight further down below the top border so I could better accommodate those bumps up without hitting my scream weight.

Do you try to be inconspicuous about eating less when you’re out with friends, or do you relax your usual limits, or do you limit yourself and disregard any reactions?
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Just back from a week at an all-inclusive Mexican resort for my grandson’s wedding, and I’m actually down
    2 1/2 lbs. because the food was very ordinary, and we did lots of walks and playing with our granddaughter in the pool.
    438 days ago
    Eating out with friends, chatting, catching up, laughing, human interaction. We do it once a week. And then there are special occasions when work requires a dinner out visitors and such.
    I try to choose wisely, and on the healthy/ier side, depending on what sounds good. Sometimes I'll take half my meal home with me, sometimes I eat it all.
    I see many people pick at their food when eating out. If seems to me that quite a few people you never see eat, or see eat like a bird have a weight problem. So I'm drawing my own conclusions.
    For me it's really about how I behave the rest of the time, the choices I make when I'm not eating out. That's where I'm fully in control.
    439 days ago
  • EISSA7
    When I dine out, I like to choose a meal that I never make at is such a treat to have someone else slice, dice, and cook!! BUT...always it is salad, veggie, or chicken/fish because that is what I enjoy.
    442 days ago
    Eating out with friends can be perilous, I agree.
    I want to think that I don't care what people think but that's not really true.
    It depends on my mood. Sometimes I'm vigilant and eat what I need to eat with special requests.
    Sometimes I simply eat whatever and limit portions as best I can.
    My worst times are what I call a "public binge" when I get overwhelmed by anxiety and gorge myself simply because I don't want to stand out, or act as if it's okay to do so. Not a good thing at all because next time I choose to refrain it is that much more obvious.
    I wish that I was not such a people pleaser.
    I've just come to realize how much anxious eating I do in social situations! Something to work on.

    In a perfect life I think we should stick to whatever plan we are on while incorporating special indulgences based on what we have been eating and what the scale is telling us we should do. Easier said than done!

    Thanks for a thought-provoking blog! Keep Sparking!
    442 days ago
    I have had people feel "reproached" by my eating habits when eating out with them . . . and object loudly. Did NOT make for a pleasant meal or something I wanted to repeat.

    (And no: I wasn't intending to be self-righteous: just ordered the salad that I typically would eat when the others were all over the fries, gooey cheese burgers etc.)
    443 days ago
    Depends on my mood. I'm either a relaxer or I try to be a subtle restrainer. I try to not be conspicuous either way. I will stay in a different room than the food if it's a party, though.
    443 days ago
    I try to order reasonably well off a menu, and sometimes only eat a portion. But... The nutrition content of restaurant food is wild, eh? Yesterday we ate lunch out because we were running errands all day. At a place with mostly fried, fatty, food, I chose a 'skillet' - beans, corn, peppers, sausage and rice. Thought it might be at the high end of one of my home-cooked meals. Like maybe 500-600 cals instead of my usual goal of 400. Later I looked up nutrition content online: 1050 cals with 3300g sodium?!??!! Wow! Two meals in one, plus some. Clearly this time I should have left half on the plate! I'm a very slow eater, so leaving food on the plate doesn't seem to alarm folks when we eat out with people. They are usually all finished by the time I reach that point.
    444 days ago
    I eat what I like, it's not a regular occasion and I'm lucky to be pretty active so I soon work it off anyway.
    and, as has been said, it's about the company.
    444 days ago
    I eat like normal. For me it's about the company and not the food.
    444 days ago
    I stick to what supports the health and well-being of my body and do my best to disregard any reactions from others.
    444 days ago
    I stick to my normal. I do not do the simple carbs as my body does not process them easily. Often I take food home but have no shame leaving food as serving portions tend to be way too much.
    444 days ago
    Yes, I do try to limit myself within reason and just don''t pay attention to the reactions. Just move along to another topic. That usually takes the focus off what's eaten.

    444 days ago
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