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The Past is in the Past

Thursday, November 01, 2018

On October 1, 2018, I fell out of bed after my Boston Terrier got tangled in my CPAP hose and yanked both me and my CPAP machine out of bed and off the nightstand. Since the CPAP machine takes water for its built in humidifier, I fell in a twisted manner in an attempt to save it, and protect the electrical cords plugged into the wall between the bed and the nightstand.

In other words, I was attempting to prevent an electrical disaster.

The biggest problem was due to me just getting my CPAP a week earlier, and not realizing that I should have secured the hose to the headboard to prevent even myself from causing such a disaster in my sleep, this would never have happened.

I had already been struggling with medication changes that were wreaking havoc, and had finally been put on one that kept me stable and able to work out again and lose weight in a way that made me feel healthy again. The previous medications had me vomiting copious amounts of blood and struggling with severe akathisia (defined in a previous blog about my experience with Prozac).

But the fall changed all of that. I had damaged my lower back in the fall. And the pain started immediately. After about 3 hours, the pain was so bad that I went to the ER, where the ER physician blew me off without actually doing any imagining and sent me home within an hour. I was angry. It took an entire month before any physician took me seriously and did an MRI. It was that MRI that discovered the actual damage, and sent me to an orthopedic doctor for treatment.

Unfortunately, the treatment only brought momentary relief. I was only able to stand for 5 minutes at the most, and sitting at my desk at work led to me having to go on long term disability. It also led to a long period of depression, and with me having bipolar disorder, I filed for permanent disability (and lost).

In February 2018, out of frustration and refusing to have my nerves burned to deaden them as a last resort, I did a search to see if there were any alternatives. It was then that I found a chiropractor who specialized in my injury with gentle manipulation and other types of treatments. And their office just happened to be right next to where I lived.

Within just two weeks, my ability to walk and stand increased to 15 minutes. Within a month 30 minutes. Now, 9 months later, I live pain free. I owe my life to the chiropractors at the clinic. When I walk around stores or town, I smile at everyone I meet. When I started my new job, I was sent to Los Angeles for my orientation and training. I walked everywhere without pain, including walking along the beach at sunset in Santa Monica. I felt liberated and finally free.

On this first day of November, that is what I am thankful for. And just a few days after restarting this journey, I have already lost 6 lbs. Sure it was probably water weight, even though I haven't drank sodas in over a year, and only drink unsweetened tea or coffee if offered. But the truth is, I'm trying. I want to succeed, and the fact that my debilitating injury is in the past and that I've been set free from it is what is going to help me succeed.

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