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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

I don't know about you, but I call this exciting news! You could even start a new month with a health challenge to make these improvements. And then make them lasting!

Recently, I was telling a spark friend, 1Crazydog, that when I was much younger (of course-lol) I was always well stocked with boxes of Kraft Mac 'n cheese, and never without Top Ramen! .. I shudder to think now! I think there was about as much 'nutrition' as the cardboard box it came in! ..::The foods we eat can either provide nourishment, and fuel for energy or they can rob us blind!

I always found these pictures pretty gross, but it is is a profile of types of foods eaten by these models. What we eat SHOWS in and on our body! So, let's give a few stats.

This is what was said about the 'heavy body' vs. the slim model:
Eats mostly refined food …::45% of calories come from fat...::4 times more heart attacks..::
sleep disorders and depression...:::more cancer...::more doctor visits...:::more allergies....::more foot problems...::gout..::shorter life expectancy...And more costly! emoticon

The slimmer version eats fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes.
More self-acceptance...::Fewer accidents...::Longer average life span...::Less heartburn...::Increased energy level. (these are not all risks and benefits, but they
cover enough to take heed to.

Once more:

I still sometimes hear the argument: "I can't afford healthy foods." .. But can we afford to eat the 'other way' and spend our money trying to get well? (we eat very healthy and are not spending an exorbitant amount).

Thanks for reading friends and have a great day! ..
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