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Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind - Premium Coach Challenge

Monday, October 29, 2018

Today's assignment is to write a blog out my day about how keeping unhealthy foods out of sight so they will not be around to tempt you to eat them, thus out your mind.

Keeping unhealthy foods definitely works for me because when I don't see them I am not tempted because I completely forget they exist in my home. This also is unfortunately the same for other things, like my car title and sometimes bills, LOL. Now this works at home but what about work?

I work out of my home so this is not an issue for me. I do remember my work days being offered sweets from co-workers. I always said no, but thank you for asking. On the 15 minute breaks I went out for a walk around the building and did a few stretches afterwards. For lunch I always sat in the back in the corner and ate my healthy food I then had 15 minutes so I walked around the building again. For the visual temptations throughout the office I just kept on walking past the unhealthy food displays. I said to myself I love myself too much to eat something that is not good for me. I still do to this day. Now this works at work but what about the food and drink temptations in restaurants.

Beck Hand todays coach mentioned to ask the server for a seat where you can't see the display of desserts and/or inform the server to not have the dessert cart wheeled by your table. I never thought of these. If there is a dessert display I will remove it from the table and the cocktail menu as well. I avoid all the sides that are not vegetables and make my two sides veggies. If a vegetable is covered with sweet toppings I avoid. Order from the light menu area if offered. If not I ask the server what their healthy food that they offer. hen aske about dessert I always say no thank you I am full.

Becky Hand says that saying I don't is more powerful than saying I can't. Me I just say no, but thank you for asking. Looking that this I can see what Becky is saying I can't is restricting your power thus eventually one day you give in and eat an unhealthy food -and saying I don't this gives you the power to pass on something and that yes you can do this! However, if you do eat something that is unhealthy don't dwell on it get back on track. Plus I think a unhealthy food every now and then is not going to hurt you.

Thank you for reading my challenge tonight, I hope you have a great evening :)
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