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Feeling anxious... and tired... low blood sugar

Monday, October 29, 2018

There are times I get so tired of my medical issues... my hypoglycemia is acting up tonight. Last I checked my blood glucose level was at 40. Yikes! That’s the lowest it’s been in a while, and almost into the call a friend for a ride to the hospital territory. Sigh. I have a protocol that I follow when this happens, and I am doing that, but the waiting until I recheck my glucose level seems to stretch time. They say time is a constant, but I beg to differ! My perception of it, is of a dynamic force that speeds up and slows down, depending on circumstances... like anxiously waiting for something. lol. It’s only a 15-20 minute wait to recheck, but it feels like it takes forever. (And yet, somehow, it also flies by!). And don’t get me started on the passing of the months, seasons, and years! They are speeding past faster and faster the older I get. Anyone else feel like that? One of the cruddy effects of a blood sugar low, is that it makes me really tired, but I know I cannot sleep until my level stabilizes. So, I am exhausted, but my anxiety keeps me from sleeping, sometimes for a good portion of the night. The possible outcomes of falling asleep without stabilizing my level are potentially pretty bad, so I am awake and trying not to stress too much, when normally I’m asleep at this time. (The Cooper-dog is asleep, with his chin on my thigh... I would like to think if I started having a seizure that he would bark, and wake up my neighbor... but I have never had to test that, and he is not trained for that skill...). Okay... I rechecked... and it came up a little... a very little. It was at 48 on the 20 minute recheck. It’s headed in the right direction, but it’s still too low to safely go to sleep yet. Harrumph. Well, I am cranky and anxious and tired... but I’m trying to think of a silver lining for tonight. Hey! It may be low, but I didn’t have to go to the hospital, and it’s heading in the right direction now! I have to trust that the endocrinologist was telling me the truth when she said that in general I just had to be patient. If I treat a low appropriately it WILL come back up... eventually. (Even though I feel cruddy in the meantime, I am able to cope better knowing that my level will go up and I will start to feel better... knowing that the yuck is finite is a relief.). I know this stuff. Have known it for a while now. But my low levels have been coming mostly during the day (as far as I know), and I haven’t had to test the reality and my faith in the protocol... without someone nearby that I could reach out to fairly quickly and easily. So, sorry for taking you along on my stream of consciousness rambling about this, but it made me feel connected to someone to type in between rechecking... so if you read all that babbling? You’re either brave or stubborn. lol. One of the things I like about SparkPeople is the fact that I can babble, and so far no one has passed judgement on my babbling. Instead everyone has been supportive and kind. Unusual in real life or online...
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    Bless you beautiful one! I have found that Sparkland has ALWAYS been good therapy for me. Most everyone is very empathic and have some really good thoughts and ideas about things. I've always thought we were connected through energy and if you think about it the internet is PURE energy!

    It would be good if you still had the visiting nurse...can you get one back? Could your neighbors be alerted to watch out for you if you give them a call? I wish I were closer...I'd be there in a NY minute if you needed something!

    I'm sure that Coop knows when things are askew...but he's not all that reliable if he snoozes through your low sugar episodes. I think you need a plan...maybe one of those call buttons? It would be good to have that reassurance! emoticon
    166 days ago
  • KATIE5668
    Ahh ...it is scary indeed. Who knows..dogs know so much more than we do. Cooper Dog might just let someone know if you are in trouble! That would be so wonderful..yet something you hope will never have to be tested.
    Not being able to sleep is so much stress on the body..but indeed you must get your levels balanced before giving in to the urge to sleep.
    Vent..grounch...all you want ..that is indeed what friends are for!! Our problems may be different but each of us has some sort of issue to deal with. Sharing is caring!!
    173 days ago
    Yes, that is scary to have blood sugar that low. I've had it go so low a number of times (during the daytime) that I blacked out and hit the floor. It would take a LOT of hours after that to feel decent again. Hopefully you can get your blood sugar stabilized with a healthy diet (low in carbs and sugars), and not have these episodes. I know carbs and sugars are used to bring the blood sugar up when it is that low, but then a diet low in carbs and sugars, and high in protein, veggies and such helps keep it stable. Best of luck.
    173 days ago
    So much empathy for the way it feels to write your way through big stress!

    I do this with anxiety when I cannot interrupt the thinking, I just try to write it all out until I can get through.

    Blessings on your health, friend.
    174 days ago
    How frustrating. Yikes.
    174 days ago
    Chandra, so sorry that you continue to have scary medical issues. You do keep on stepping and taking care of your health - a big congrats on that for sure. Hopefully things will be better today emoticon

    174 days ago
    Chandra am so sorry you didn't get any rest because of your health. Must be scary at times. Hope you are feeling better an able to take a nap today.
    174 days ago
    I hope that you are feeling better now and everything is okay!
    174 days ago
    I have a friend with type 1, he wears a monitor inserted under his skin that beeps if his sugar gets too low or too high. You won't hear the beep if you let your sugar get too low, though. I hope you have a glucagon kit and someone who can administer it.
    174 days ago
    I understand.my issues are different but I know the though shall not go to sleep if edict. What are friends for if not to talk to when we are feeling low?I am sitting here doing an ink rawing because I am sore. I hate the thought of you being so tired and unable to sleep.
    175 days ago
    Yes I understand that. I'm a diabetic I have type 2.
    175 days ago
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